"TextScraper text too long" weird warning

Reproduction Steps
See What is the "TextScraper text too long" warning in the Output?

Expected Behavior
Do not receive this invalid warning

Actual Behavior
I stopped working on my project for a few months, and today, when opening the same project, I came across this alert, in my opinion, incorrect.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-06-14 00:06:00 (-03:00)


This also happens in the client on games with long textlabels. It can be replicated in “Flex your Account Age” (just hit f9, it will be complaining about the long wall of text explaining what the QA team is)

I’d assume that the textscraper is something roblox uses to…scrape text from text labels? (no idea why/what it’s used for really) and having really long input just breaks it for some reason

To add on to what you are saying, my theory on why they would scrape text from text labels is to filter them or to gather user data (the latter I don’t have as much belief in because I don’t know if their TOS allows for in-game user data collection).

This “feature” was introduced at the end of March after reports of mass disconnections on loading games.

What was going on, for some reason, is the automatic translations (not moderation; your TextLabels aren’t moderated) system was causing problems with long strings like that. As mentioned in the other thread after this one went up is that the system will stop translating a string after it becomes too long and will present this warning. A better title for this thread would be that long strings aren’t auto-translated, which the platform should be able to handle.

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Thanks for the clarification. What should be the maximum string length to avoid this warning?

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The length can be found experimentally, but it could change or get removed. Splitting your text into multiple labels is the better solution to this. If there isn’t another thread about this, this engine bug is still valid, although better as a feature request to resolve this problem.


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