What is the "TextScraper text too long" warning in the Output?

This is not impacting anything in the game, but I get this orange warning message in the output in both Studio and in-game:

This is the GUI I have, the relevant text is in a TextLabel (there’s no issue with it):

This does not happen with the majority of my other TextLabels, and I’m not sure if it’s actually about the text length because I have TextLabels with longer text - yet no problem with them. I couldn’t find much info about this, but it would be useful to get some clarification on this if anyone knows.


I would just ignore it. I’ve seen these errors in other games with longs bits of text and it still displays the text fine.


Hey @Alexrocks911 thanks for reporting. You are getting this message from localization services scraping new content. Localization tables are populated by this. This error message is appearing because there is a size limit to what strings can be stored in the table. This wont impact your game in any way unless you are trying to translate the text label in your screenshot.


Disabling auto localization doesn’t seem to be getting rid of this warning and I don’t want my output to be filled with warnings as I have text that constantly updates in my game. Is there a way to make it so this warning doesn’t pop up at all?


Bump-sort of.

Having the same issue, have you possibly found a workaround yet? I’m not going to use multiple text labels just to write the same thing what…


We need a toggle off for this, or just complete removal, no one delibaterly tries to crash or something using text labels this is useless.


This likely isn’t of any help, but you can rid yourself of the warning by disabling the AutoLocalize property.


You are a life saver, Thank you. (I was about to spend like 5 hours remaking something)


Here’s some messy code you can use in the command bar to get rid of the warnings

local g = game:GetDescendants()

for z = 1, #g do

if g[z]:IsA("TextLabel") or g[z]:IsA("TextButton") or g[z]:IsA("TextBox") then

g[z].AutoLocalize = false



is there any way to allow it to auto-translate

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