Texture/Decal Rotation Feature


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard or troublesome to work with some decals/textures on various parts, such as cylinders or even wedges at times. Often, I will uses custom textures or decals in my map building, and certain decals fit unexpectedly or turned 90 degrees on cylinders. In this case, I will usually have to upload a custom decal twice and wait for approval just to customize an item the way I envision it. I have come to use the plugin “Stravant - MaterialFlip” By Stravant, and that will work well for most parts aside from cylinders, which are not compatible with the plugin. It is primary the cylinder that I have the trouble with. As a suggestion to remedy this situation, It would be a wonderful addition to studio if a decal or texture rotation feature was made officially available.

Example of Cylinder With Decal/Texture:

If Roblox is able to address my issue, it would really improve the speed and efficiency of those that build in this particular style or those who simply want to rotate a decal that is already improved rather than upload a replica of the same decal rotated 90 degrees to the site and waiting for approval. It will personally save me a lot of time and effort. There is obviously quite a few people that use this particular feature as there was a need for the plugin. Quite a few builders I know have had the same interest.


I’d like to add that we also have to use more memory and initial network by using the same decal just rotated because we have no way to rotate decals or textures in game.