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Whered you come from??? Randoml pop up

I agree too. This is a place for criticism, not arguing.

also poor iGottic lol

Hm, so we should mind our own business while this topic is posted on a public forum? Weird sense of logic.

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Atop talking about bruh

Yes you should. Its delt with already

I said I would but you keep talking to me.

Alright, everyone is done.

The forums are not to clutter with useless replies regarding a resource that you may deem useless. If @Sea_KidTwelve wants to continue working on this, and finds use in it, let him do that.

Within the past 30 seconds I’ve been typing, there have been over 10 replies that contributed nothing towards feedback. Give your feedback in the nicest way possible, and go.


The worst lie I have ever read. If you meant these words, you wouldn’t have been arguing with us.

Thank you, finally I can work on my projects.

Just a friendly reminder that you do not need to reply to every single post. Do not act like this is holding you up in any way.

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That’s the issue however. He already got tons of feedback from a person who DEDICATED their time to helping by writing paragraphs, testing, truthful responses and has received hate from this guy.

No one should be able to suffer distraughtful hate just for leaving truthful feedback here.


I agree although it just hurts them… if they don’t want feedback then so be it.

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If you feel so strongly about this (along with @vxsqi), take it to DMs.

I wanted to show everyone my project. Not recieve the worst feedback ever… I thought it would be cool, getting inspirations by Aib. I guess its nit because all I recuved was bad feedback.
Its dealt with, he cleared the situation. Just leave and be you, I like this project and will work on it because thats me. You can take a turn and do your own thing, thank you.

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Just saying, but you are also violating Roblox’s official rules of the DevForum.

"Do not behave inappropriately

Be polite. Aggression and profanity directed at other users are not allowed."

Just wanted to get this out of the way, I’m done here.


Sorry that was my little brother lol

@lolmansReturn @vxsqi @Earthraphobic2 @CommanderRanking

Sorry for the mass ping, but I recommend you all just mute this topic. It’s like talking to a wall at this point.

We gave him our feedback. Now it’s his choice to take it or not. Simple.

Also, as @CommanderRanking has said, we’ve clogged the thread enough. If it must continue, do it in DMs.

Thank you for the message, but I think it’s pretty clear we’ve stopped with the 3 hour difference between yours and the last. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s no need to repeat the exact same thing @CommanderRanking has said as this adds nothing but a reminder to what happened 5 hours ago.