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Group Rules Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Rules
  2. Admin Command Rules
  3. Punishments
  4. Contact

[1] | Rules

All members of TGGR are expected to follow each of the group’s rules listed below. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment. More information on punishments can be found under [3] | Punishments.

Reminder: Every group member is expected to follow all Roblox rules.

Basic Rules

  1. Listen to orders given by a Mid Rank, High Rank, or above.

  2. Try to use grammar to the best of your ability.

  3. Show maturity at any TGGR group event.

  • 3A. The only exception to this rule is whenever a fun event, like a game night, is being hosted.

  1. Do not ask for promotions. They are earned, not given out.
  • Note: An exception may be made for returning members of the group in rare circumstances.

  1. Respect all members of the group, whether below or above your rank, in addition to yourself and non-group members.
  • 5A. Harassment or discrimination towards another member based on their race, orientation, beliefs, etc. is not allowed.

  1. Uniforms should be worn at all TGGR group events unless specified otherwise by the event host and/or hosts.
  • 6A. Morphs should be worn at all TGGR games that have a spawn room.
    6B. A uniform GUI is provided at most TGGR games.

  1. Do not harass or flame other members through any means, including TGGR’s group wall and shout, along with in-game chats.

  2. Do not troll at any event while representing TGGR, group event or not.

  • 8A. If you are off-duty (not wearing a TGGR-affiliated uniform), do not come to a group event to troll or cause disruptions.

  1. Exploiting, glitching, and cheating are strictly forbidden at any official TGGR group event.
  • Defined as taking advantage of a game error and/or Roblox glitch or using third party tools for malicious intentions on the game server.

  1. TGGR does not retreat. Never purposefully leave during a raid or defense, no matter how bad the situation is or may appear to be.
  • 10A. The only exception to this rule is either a disconnection from the game or real-life matters that need your attention.

  1. Do not advertise non-TGGR affiliated games, clothing, etc. on the group wall or group shout.
  • 11A. Posting game links for a game night event or another fun activity is allowed.

  1. Threatening the group in any way, including but not limited to threats of asset theft, will result in an immediate exile and possible report of abuse being made.

  2. All ranks, with the exception of the Emperor and Empress, are only allowed to be in one (1) division at any given time.

  • 13A. If you wish wish to transfer to another division, you must get permission from the current leader(s) of your current division, otherwise it would count as division desertion.

  • Use common sense

[2] | Admin Command Rules


Any member with access to in-game admin commands at all official TGGR games are expected to follow the rules listed below. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment. More information on punishments can be found under [3] | Punishments.

Members with admin are forbidden from using the following commands in any TGGR game:

  • :kill
  • :explode
  • :fling
  • :loopfling

When giving instructions to either group members or non-group members in a TGGR place, members with admin are expected to use these commands:

  • :m or :sm
    Note: Only use :m or :sm if it is absolutely necessary.
  • :h
  • :pm
  • :respawn

Members with admin are forbidden from using the following commands during a defense at a TGGR game:

  • :tp
  • :bring

Notes for this section

  • If a member or non-group member is stuck, tell them to reset.
  • In the situation where members are given Mod/Moderation powers during a TGGR-hosted raid, refer to Rule 13 under the main rules and the rules mentioned in this section.

[3] | Punishments

The breaking of one or more group rules is taken seriously. The following punishments are able to be given out to any member that has intentionally broken one or more group rules, depending on severity.

For a first time offense:

  • Warning

For second time offenses:

  • Detainment by Shock Troopers and put on the “Detainees” team until questioning can occur
    Note: Detainment only applies if there is a detainment center at a TGGR game.

For continued offenses:

  • Demotion
  • Recommendation for demotion in a division
    – (Only in a severe case) Recommendation for removal from division

A minimum of five rules must have been broken before the following punishment can be given:

  • Recommendation for exile from the group, including divisions if the offender has not already left the group.

In the most severe case, the following punishment will be given:

  • Blacklisting from the entire group, which means the member cannot rejoin.
    Note: Blacklisting only occurs in the most severe cases such as exploiting or multiple offenses of TGGR’s group rules and/or Roblox rules.


  • Before a punishment can given out, it is required any members involved, both the offender and the accuser, in addition to witnesses, have their side of the story explained, along with proof being reviewed extensively if proof was provided.

  • Recommendation for exile and/or blacklisting from the entire group must be approved by [HC] and [LED] with at least 60% agreement and approval from the Empress.

  • It is required that reports and/or proof of an incident be sent to members of the Imperial Intelligence division while the incident is happening.

[4] | Contact

For questions, concerns, etc. please contact @ModifiRaven.

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