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Table of Contents

  1. About the Group
    1A. Group Objectives
    1B. Group Beliefs
    1C. Group Rules
  2. Rank Hierarchy
    2A. Promotions
  3. Divisions
  4. Group Shout Tags
  5. Contact

[1] | About the Group

Who we are:

The Great Galactic Regime, or TGGR, is a Star Wars group that strives to be diverse from other groups in the SW group genre. We accomplish this by having custom lore, divisions, and more.

[1A] | Group Objectives

What objectives we hope to accomplish as a group:

  • To strive for diversity as a group within the Star Wars group genre.
  • To put emphasis on our members’ fighting abilities.
  • To have variety in group activities.
  • To function much like a war clan in some areas of the group.
  • To win in battle against other combat-orientated groups as much as possible, while still keeping in mind we can have fun as a group.
  • To show respect and/or honor to whomever we may engage in combat with.

[1B] | Group Beliefs

What we believe as a group:

  • We believe we have the right to “raid” any combat-orientated group we wish, disregarding what group they may be and/or group genre they may be in.*
  • We believe we have the right to be diverse as opposed to what is seen as a “normal” Empire group in the Star Wars genre.
  • We believe all members of the group should be treated equally and fairly.

* = Including any group that is NOT allied with TGGR per TGGR’s “Allies” tab

[1C] | Group Rules

To read the list of our group rules, click the link below.

TGGR | Group Rules Guide

[2] | Rank Hierarchy

TGGR uses a rank hierarchy system to differentiate its members’ ranks. The hierarchy is as follows:

Low Ranks (also known as LR)

  • Cadet
  • [L-1] Private
  • [L-2] Private First Class
  • [L-3] Corporal
  • [L-4] Sergeant
  • [L-5] Master Sergeant

Mid Ranks (also known as MR)

  • [MR] Lieutenant
  • [MR] Captain
  • [MR] Major

High Ranks (also known as HR)

  • 5 [HR] Lieutenant Colonel
  • 4 [HR] Colonel
  • 4 [HR] General

Reserved Ranks

  • [-] Developer
  • [X] Representative

High Command (also known as HC)

  • 2 [HC] Grand General

Leadership Ranks (also known as LED)

  • 1 [LED] Starkiller
  • 1 [LED] Executor
  • 1 [LED] Emperor
  • 1 [LED] Empress

Number = Maximum users a rank may hold at any given time

[2A] Promotions

To find out how members can be promoted in TGGR, click the link below.

TGGR | Promotions Guide

[3] | Divisions

Members who are ranks [L-1] to [HR] General are welcome to join any of the divisions listed below. Keep in mind some divisions may have certain requirements to join them, so it is recommended to click the link and read its description.

All divisions associated with TGGR are located in the Allies tab of “The Great Galactic Regime | Divisions”, which is allied with the main group.


Division objective

The Imperial Guard is tasked with the protection of the Emperor and Empress of TGGR at any TGGR-affiliated game. Members of this division are under an oath of silence.

They are led by the Commandant of the Guard and Captains of the Guard.


Standard ranks

  • Entry-level rank.
  • Uses normal weapons at TGGR places.
Imperial Guard
  • Uses normal weapons at TGGR places.
Saber Guard
  • Uses a specialized Saber Pike at TGGR places.
Shadow Guard
  • Uses a Saber Pike at TGGR places.
Sovereign Protector
  • Specialized in hunting targets assigned by the Commandant, Imperial Guard Captains, and Leadership ranks.
  • Contains the more skilled members of the Imperial Guard.

Command ranks

Captain of the Guard
  • Overseers of each division in the Imperial Guard (Saber, Shadow, and Sovereign).
  • Responsible for taking command in the Commandant’s absence.
  • Has full authority to command ranks below them.
    Applies to Imperial Guard only

Leadership ranks

Commandant of the Guard
  • Overseer of the entire Imperial Guard.


  • Imperial Guards, Captains of the Guard, and Commandant of the Guard wear red uniforms.
  • Saber Guards wear bronze uniforms.
  • Shadow Guards wear black uniforms.
  • Sovereign Protectors wear a black and red uniform.


Division objective

The 501st Legion is tasked with supporting Regime members on the frontlines during defenses and raids.

They are led by Starkiller and the Commander of the 501st.


Standard ranks

  • Entry-level rank.
  • Uses normal weapons at TGGR places.

Squad ranks

The following ranks usually have 8-12 members:

  • Echo Squad
  • Phalanx Squad
  • Blue Squad

Command ranks

501st Captain
  • Overseers of the 501st Legion members in Starkiller’s and the Commander’s absence.
  • Has full authority to command ranks below them.
    Applies to 501st Legion only

Leadership ranks

Commander of the 501st
  • Oversees the 501st Legion in Starkiller’s absence.
  • Has full authority to command ranks below him/her.
    Applies to 501st Legion only
  • Overseer of the 501st Legion.


  • 501st Legion members wear uniforms with blue markings.


Division objective

Imperial Intelligence, or I.I, is tasked with internal and external group responsibilities, along with the enforcement of the group’s rules. They have full authorization to operate in other group divisions, save for the Imperial Guard.

They are led by the Director and the Deputy Director.



Agent through Operative
  • Responsibilities for these ranks are classified.
  • Answers to the Director and Deputy Director.

Shock Troopers

Shock Trooper through Wolf Pack
  • Responsible for maintaining order and enforcing the group’s rules in any TGGR-affiliated game.
  • Has the authority to detain rule-breaking or disruptive members if able to do so.


  • Imperial Intelligence rank holders wear black tunics with white trimming.
  • Shock Troopers rank holders wear uniforms with red markings.


Division objective

The Honors Division of TGGR contains members of the Regime that show excellent fighting abilities, leadership abilities, and overall qualities that match the values of the Regime.

They are led by the Honor Commander and Honor Officers.


Standard ranks

Honor Member

Officer ranks

Honor Officer
  • Highly experienced members of the Honors Division
  • Commands Honor Members alongside the Honor Commander
    Applies to Honors Division only

Leadership ranks

Honor Commander
  • Oversees the Honors Division
  • Commands Honor Members and Honor Officers


  • Honors Division members uniforms vary depending on their rank in the main group

[4] Group Shout Tags

The following lists are designed for easy-to-understand shout tags with group members.

General Shout Tags

  • [MSG] - Used to send general messages to group members.

  • [FORUM] - Used for linking important DevForum threads.

  • [QotD] - Used to ask group members a ‘Question of the Day’.

Group Event Shout Tags

  • [DFND] - Used to notify group members that a TGGR game is currently being raided and needs to be defended ASAP.

  • [RAID] - Used to notify group members that TGGR is raiding and are needed at the game the group is raiding ASAP.

  • [ALLY] - Used to notify group members of an event concerning a ally of TGGR.

  • [PATROL] - Used to notify group members that a patrol is being hosted at any raidable TGGR game. Members are recommended to come to this event if able to.

  • [RALLY] - Used to notify group members that TGGR is rallying as a group for an event.

  • [TRAIN] - Used to notify group members that a training is being hosted.

  • [D-TRAIN] - Used to notify group members that a Defense Training (D-Train) is being hosted.

  • [C-PRAC] - Used to notify group members that a Combat Practice (C-Prac) is being hosted.

  • [PR] - Used to notify group members that a Practice Raid (PR) is being hosted.

  • [GAME NIGHT] - Used whenever the group hosts a game night on the Roblox website. Members are encouraged to attend a game night when this is shouted, but are not required to.

[5] | Contact

For questions, concerns, etc. please contact @Raven_Incendria.

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