Thanks for all the Ideas!

I don’s need anymore Ideas! Thanks you for helping me out :smiley:


Make an aura customization on spawn for players


Build me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great Idea! I will start right away!! :laughing:


Hmmmm. Great Idea! I’ll think about it!


No using character models, just try using unions and stuff, that will get you better.


Perhaps you should rename this thread to something along the lines of “Looking for building ideas”.

As I already said before: I’d recommend doing something your most interested in. Some things to start with, that would be good and wouldn’t be hard and won’t require that much skill would be creating a small terrain or a sort of map and maybe placing some trees and other buildings throughout the land maybe that could be called a small showcase.

Now if you’re thinking of creating something simple. Since you want to gather ideas for a small project or to just build I’ll start simple try making things like a desk, a lamp, a radio, house, a small showcase something you like that. Some ideas as to what to build could be detailed showcases, clothing stores, a low poly town, weapon assets, vehicles, a small city, ect.

Please search before posting. This has already been discussed a few times here is a few topics related to this already:


Alright. I’ll search before posting, also I will change the name because that sound more better and I’ll start on what I like.

Alright. I’ll start now. That is a good idea by the way.

recreate old roblox games, done this before was a fun project for me

Sound like a great Idea! I’ll try it out.

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For real though remake Sword Fight On The Heights that will be cool.

Build a castle but the only material you can use is brown grass (so basically dirt). Try and make it look like the most detailed dirt castle possible.

That would be a really good Idea. Ill try and make it.

> Detailed Dirt Castle
That would be a great idea. Ill get on it right away.

Thanks! Could you please make the map public so I could explore it when you are finished?

Yeah I will make it public when I am done.

make a cruise ship [need more chars]

You could try building a skyscraper like the CN tower or something. Those always look cool and will keep you busy for a while.

Make a small lobby that makes use of some decorative architecture