The Adventure of Nooblet! #5

Hello once again! Today was a productive day for TAoN! I was able to get started on Bacon Town!


I want the characters to be based on Roblox stereotypes. Ex: bacons, trolls, noobs, etc. Also in the third image, the bacon says that there was a monster I don’t know who the monster should be! Please let me know if you have suggestions on who the monster should be. Also please tell me if you have any ideas for this game! Other than that, thank you for reading this!


WWoahhhh awesmoe!!
@fabtherat you did a great job


Heh, you could make the ‘monster’ a ROBLOX avatar holding a banhammer.


The monsters could be the trollers lol I can’t wait to play it!

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I have just been accepted to the forum but I have been following you for a bit and I think your game is great. I would love to help in as many ways as possible such as building and ideas. For an idea the monsters can be hackers because hackers are monsters when you think about it.

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Wow, that’s a good idea! Also thank you for supporting me, it means a lot!

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No problem! I like to support fellow small developers.

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This is something I’d see at the Elementary library in the comic section! :joy: If you can make this into a game I can always play I will! Love it! Also, it’s #5. If you reply, can you link the four other posts/games?

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I’m hoping to release the game before 2021! Also, the game used to be based on Legend of Zelda so you’ll definitely see some Zelda in there. But, I decided I wanted it to be more Robloxy so I redid it into what is now known as The Adventure of Nooblet. here are the links :smile::
My Legend of Zelda game!
Working on Legend of Zelda game #2
Working on Legend of Zelda game #3
The Adventure of Nooblet! #4

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