The Big Bug Reporting Update

Last time they removed the messaging for the group entirely, so the fact that that is still open means that it will be looked at. Once bug support is discontinued they will remove the messaging feature for that group.

It will stay open until we are able to get rid of the backlog on group join requests on AllowBugReports at a later point.

@Hooksmith Are edits to a bug report’s description and/or title reflected in its corresponding ticket in the internal database?

I believe in Jira there’s a link to the DevForum post associated with the bug, so to get updated information engineers can open the DevForum post.

Been waiting for weeks already :thinking:

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Whatever is on the forum is the source of truth. You don’t have to worry about the behind the scenes.

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I was allowed into the group and posted 1 bug report. I check again today and my button to post bugs is gone. What is up with that?

EDIT: It came back. Maybe I should bug report the bug report button?

If that happens consistently for you, please find out precise repro steps and then let us know by posting in #forum-help:forum-bugs. Thanks.

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I submitted my application for membership more than a month ago and received absolutely no response and I was not added anywhere. Thank you so much

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We are slowly going through the join request backlog in batches. (e.g. added some dozens of people last week) We got a lot of requests when this announcement was made and we are being careful with how many we add at a time to make sure we don’t overwhelm internal teams.

If you sent a join request, we’ll get to it as soon as we can, appreciate your patience here during this initial wave from this change.


Thanks for the clarification, I just thought I had been passed over while hundreds of others had already added
But it turns out it’s just that my turn hasn’t reached me yet, thanks for the answer

An admin sent me a message about this, I’m happy to see this be a thing now.

I’ve since submitted a request to the bug reporting group, hopefully I can join soon since I do develop with a friend group and we run into bugs here and there, even just playing games ROBLOX is a bit buggy, so it’s nice to be able to report it easier.

Ill also try to be joining the features request too.

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Do you select users randomly when adding them? Or is there a specific criterion?

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Order is kinda haphazard (we messed up a few times when looking at the join request queue due to how forum software shows the requests) but it’s generally just by when you submitted the request with some weight added if you wrote a particularly convincing reason :smile:

PS: we accepted 100 more people this week

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Oh okay :D. I don’t remember what I wrote in the reason section, I hope I didn’t write something ridiculous.

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I requested to join the group the day this was announced (7 weeks ago), but I haven’t heard back from anyone. At what point should I send another request?

Why hasn’t my request to join the group been accepted? It’s been several months already

You requested on Mar 12, less than a month ago (not several), and we still have people who requested in February waiting to be accepted. There’s just that many people interested in having access even though we accepted hundreds of folks already. Thanks for your patience!

Why not make acceptance automated, and have moderation be more strictly enforced?

We are not ready to scale that fast because there are human resources involved in triaging and replying to the bug reports. It’s not about invalid bug reports but also the scale of valid bug reports. Thanks for understanding.