The Bug Reports should be accesable to members

As you may know, the Bug reports section of the DevForum is made so that only the regulars can post topics of bug reports. In my opinion it should be accessible for members to post topics since there are members like me who have problems with their launcher and studio or some may have problems with their website. Making it so that only Regulars can post topics defeats the whole purpose of it. Make it so that a member could even post topic in #bug-reports .


Just message @Bug-Support with the bug that you’re encountering.


I did, but didn’t get a response. Now I am going to miss the TwentyOnePilots event because of this stupid bug which I can’t report.

  1. Bug support and staff are humans, so be patient.
  2. Neither of them will have some magic bug go-away wand, so even if you did have access to bug reports, it wouldn’t make a difference.
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I will miss the event just because of a stupid bug. I want to get those free prizes but if they can’t respond sooner then I will miss it.

Well the difference is most staff reads those way more and would give me solutions. Even some members also will say that they had the same bug that I did and if they had that fixed they can also inform me also about how to fix it. That’s the difference. Other people who experienced that same bug will also explain their point of view and if they got it fixed they would tell you how.

Since this is the devforum, it is only natural to expect non-developer bug reports to have a much lower priority. If this bug is affecting lots of players outside of the developer’s control, surely the developer would have reported it?


Why would the developer report it if it didn’t happen to them? Think about that. Second, just because its the DevForum does not mean there are non- devs who are here.

What? That’s not what the DevForum is about. This forum is for developers?!

I don’t necessarily support this request, but I do think they need to reimplement a way for members to become regulars again. I can already see a lot of people submitting bad reports, even with the handy wizard.


You do know about trollers right?

Well Bugs are quite annoying and you want a fix for. In my case I am just a member and I want this problem fixed where I can’t join any game because my launcher won’t launch the game, only just says “Connecting” and “Starting game”. When it does launch the game, which is a 1 in a 100, it comes with a error saying they are having technical difficulties.

I hope you are able to explain that in a more understanding way. Handy wizard? See a lot of people submitting bad reports? I don’t understand that part.

That’s still not who the DevForum’s target audience is?!

I don’t see how sending it directly into the public forum will make Roblox’s response any faster than when reports are filed to @Bug-Support.

There’s a handy bug report wizard which you learn more about in an announcement that was published to the forum. Irrespective of whether such is used or not, there are bound to be people who send troll reports, people who send false reports, people who put things in the wrong category, people who cannot read instructions properly, and the list goes on. My point is that members cannot be trusted to file reliable and valid reports properly, especially since someone could simply be new to the forum.

If anyone who also experienced the same thing as me found a fix they could tell me.

No need to put ‘?!’. Just put a full stop.

Can I get a link to this announcement?

Alright. I see now what you mean lol.

I said it like that on purpose for emphasis - I thought something was obvious, so the question mark was my way of expressing my confusion.

That doesn’t outweigh the risk of members filing bad reports.