The forum is producing a lot of spam right now

It is feasible, there are tons of free tutorials to use, and most of the stuff on here isn’t even restricted for most people to use/view. What?

Oh, I thought you meant something of very good quality.

I disagree, I understand these posts are annoying but it’s not the entire community that’s posting these spam posts.

Right now it’s currently impossible to get the regular rank, we don’t want to permanently lock it to all innocent members who just joined the forum.

Until regular is obtainable again, I disagree.

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Only close temporarily, or at least for people.

Maybe even just a moderation system your post has to go through before it shows up in Development Discussion

I understand it’s temporarily unobtainable, as I stated above.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to lock it until the rank is obtainable.

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I really agree with this, I saw a guy just post that topics were getting flagged too much, and it didnt look like he knew the rules. Then he posted the topic again after it was unlisted.

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That’s not fair for users who are trying to learn, why would you lock their ability to join if they want to learn to code, build, animate, etc. In order for all of this to end, #development-discussion needs to lock members from creating topics, but they can reply to posts. Also, DET needs to be harsher in their feedback. I understand, most of the users who are here may still be a kid, but if DET doesn’t get the point about you breaking the rules, there will have no effect.

To add to this, why doesn’t DET look into editing the welcome message: If they do that and spell out how to make contributions to post, surely that’ll help reduce this issue.


The biggest issue of Development Discussion is that people actually respond to topics which don’t belong in there. On this way, people get answers to their questions and won’t care about the feedback messages.
If a topic is placed in Development Discussion while it doesn’t belong in there, flag it and leave it alone. Do not respond!

Have you ever spectated what was happening? #development-discussion is getting clogged with spam topics. You might disagree with this temp. closure idea if it hasn’t affected you, but it has affected lots of people.

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That’s actually a great idea ngl

Letting Regulars+ create the topics while Members can continue to make replies in Discussion is something that’ll work.

And it’s still fair to Members in a way since they’re not completely blocked off from an entire category.


Let’s do make it happen. Things like this become the norm on the Development Discussion forum:

What currently strikes me is how lenient and unserious one user is when it comes to reading through the posts. The major issue is they are frequently skimming over the topics rather than genuinely reading deeply into the context.

For Regulars, survey show that 52% answers of how they read the topics were fast skimming rather than ‘normal’ reading:

Common symptoms of the forum, as of the time of writing now:

  • Miscategorized topics – if you are posting a unfinished/finished product with the former being no specific technical help, use #help-and-feedback:cool-creations and not any other subcategory of #help-and-feedback.
  • Misconception of #development-discussion – it should always mention anything about development, the arts, the technicalities and any development-oriented topics including about developers. The problem is that people fail to read the pinned topics, before posting.
    • Feature suggestions – Should never be here, if the user is suggesting a feature. I’m not certain if development-specific features are allowed. If it’s explicitly made to suggest a feature, then it’s not allowed due to rules.
  • Bug report in wrong category – Very common. People having a “major” issue with something around the platform usually try to post a bug report. Some are unknowingly bumping into the bug, while others are more genuine about their intention of getting the post moved. We do not move posts into #platform-feedback from any other category.
  • Explicit content – This occurrence is rare, but it does happen. The poster is usually unaware of what it means to post something that could strike controversies or anything that is in the rules
  • Spam replies – I’m surprised to find the ‘like’ feature of the forum ignored less frequently compared to last time. Yes, it is still happening and the users are also unaware of this.

Please advise contact anyone experienced with the forum if you’re not certain about which category to post on.

Further reading and explanation of moving categories:


Did you even see my other reply? Everything that you need to learn is already viewable in the first place, there are very few things within the devforum that you can’t see, people who aren’t even in the devforum can view all of these posts, apart from certain categories that are locked to regulars.

I think we really need some method of quality control for Discussion. It hasnt been a useful category in a very long time, and I think this can be attributed to everyone using it as their personal blog

More in depth discussion should be the goal, instead of 30 people offering their nearly identical opinion and hardly contributing to much of a discussion


What if they have a question that isn’t answered? Why would you take that away from them?

So basically applications? They were removed for a reason. It didn’t scale.

People mainly make posts in the #development-discussion to get likes and to boost their stats.

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What good is that? It’s not as if the likes make them go up to regular.

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Unfortunately some people think statistics help them get to regular. This can be observed in some topics where members show off their stats demanding regular because they “exceed” the “requirements”, although, they aren’t actually that high.

Devrel should make more efforts in deprioritizing stats, and prioritizing relevant discussion.