The Game Freezes after a Roblox Update

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want to fix this high ping issue, game is unplayable.

  2. What is the issue?

The game gets 50k+ ping variating from 2k to 50k, The game’s common ping is of 200 but is still playable. Its common ping is like that because this is a morph game, which all characters have more parts and trices than a robloxian. (Need to clarify that the high ping comes for like 5 minutes and then it leaves for a very short period and then comes back, this is a loop.)



The issue started happening 9 of December at 7PM (GMT-3)
WHICH is odd because i haven’t added any games update in that time to maybe trigger this, neither the past day. Strangely before all this happened, the Roblox player was updating, it took a bit. i think this might be an issue with roblox updating the 9 of december.. (im not exremely sure)
The game was 100% functional even with its permanent 200 ping, but that might be due that’s an open-world game with other side places. the problem got into players with decent devices, they can’t even run the game, so is not a device problem.

The game also uses a lot of memory… which before this you would crash sometimes but the ping wasn’t an issue.

The game ackwardly works just perfect in private servers just fine; and on public servers when theres 15 players, the ping is controllable but still happens, but the game could let 50 players at the same time without high ping problems.

Players not getting morphed due to high ping.

  1. What solutions have you tried so far?

What i tried so far is:

  • Separating Maps to an external experience connected to the main game to reduce lag.
  • Cleaning trash scripts.
  • Checking for backdoors, nothing appeared.
  • Lowering the max of players from 50 to 22.
  • Loading and unloading system for maps that aren’t on the open world and are hidden somewhere else, which before it didn’t had, still is happening.
  • Looking for solutions on the Forum, i sadly got to dead ends.
  • Enabled the StreamingEnabled feature and is configured like this: Min 80, Max 1000, Low Memory, GameplayPause.
  • Checking on the developer console, but nothing showed issues.

None of the above were enough to fix the issue.

About the Game:

The game is and open-world morph roleplay game, which has many features that interacts with the morphs. The game has been always laggy for low-end devices, getting kicked, unplayable or can’t even join, i’ve been tried fixing this over the years but i had no results.
It also has two admins scripts but both weren’t an issue and been always on the game before this started happening,

Players keep getting those messages as well when joining.

This is just for joining the game

It says that but is not an internet issue…

The game in question: [🎁 UPDATE] Steven Universe Future: Era 3 RP - Roblox

Thank you for reading, i hope to find someone who can help me!
If you need more details you can ask me!


This is a roblox bug, in reponse lock the game down until further notice of your players. The way to notice them is from group annoucing

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Oh really… which kind of bug is it or where is it announced, because i wanna know when could it hopefully get fixed?

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(not sure if its the morph causing the lags) if youre not using meshes, use low-poly meshes to replace the parts or whatever youre using for your morphs. Check anything that can affect your game in Release Notes for 551 | Roblox Creator Documentation

I checked your game, its great. Check these resources into reducing memory usage: How can i decrease memory usage?
How may I reduce client memory usage?
Improving Game Performance: Benchmarking, Microprofiler, Developer Stats, and Developer Console

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I use unions and meshes mix overall, about replacing theres like 500+ morphs that use the mentioned modelling so this will surelly be a hassle, i will surely check the notes thank you!

Addon: This issue started appearing just on the said date and hour ( 9 of December at 7PM (GMT-3)), before that the game was functional and playable… and no change was done as i recall!

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Thank you! i will check those and see what i can do

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hello! i still would wanna know what kind of roblox bug this is so i can make sure is not only my game going through this.

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I think its your internet, I joined your game. The ping is not going above 2000

oh but what i meant it goes super high at randomly times.

look i streamed this before this trouble happened, exactly like 2 hours before the issue.

(This version of the game even had ALL places on the starting place of the game without loading and unloading system, without all same places together, there was 0 randomly ping issues) and after roblox updated my game started behaving like on the post.

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and also this is happening to any player, is a collective frost idk how to say it, like the whole server freezes and then after it recovers and everyone can continue doing what they were doing… is like when your connection is failing

So i tested with my players in an older version of the game when the game worked perfectly, exactly the version of the date 11/09/22 and still, freezing, this has to be some roblox update which is affecting my game and im not knowing what it is.

I would love to have some help of any roblox staff about this matter, because houndred of players can’t play the game and others think is my negligence in making it “less laggier”.

Thank you


It could be a luau improvement, I’m not sure. You should try looking around a bit.

i found another related post which i think is my problem YET there’s no solution since 2020. can some roblox staff please check on this???

My game was also working fine until this update. The same thing happens as described in this post. All players spike up to around 50k ping and it freezes for quite a while. Tried to see if it was something on my end but it wasn’t. The game link is here.


that’s very unfortune. is been almost two weeks now and they haven’t layed eyes on this nor fixed it…

Probably because its Christmas and most staff are on vacation.