The Importance of Simple Scripts

Now, before I begin I’d like to handle this right away. I am in no way, shape, or form a “professional scripter”. I’m primarily a 3D modeler and builder; however, I have basic scripting knowledge.

When most of us started scripting, we examined uncoplylocked games and free model scripts out of pure curiosity. Some developer friends of mine went on to become amazing well known scripters while I focuses on other aspects. However, recently an old friend and I were working on a project that required a simple script and I was (miraculously) able to help which got me thinking on how important it is to learn simple scripts.

Although there are great tutorial scripts from people like @RuizuKun_Dev and the old Peaspod videos, I’d like to recommend learning basic movement, rotation, and kill scripts so that you are able to do something for yourself if need be. When I was a kid, I looked at the scripts that Wsly left in his Deathrun 2 Kit and was able to learn more and more from there.

But why is it important to know how to do these things? If you’re working alone, it can speed up small tedious things. With others, it can move a project along more fluently. If you’re not as self-sufficient on your fellow devs to create something, then it all speeds up.

EDIT: I can’t spell.

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I can add

to my Thread.

The reason why I didn’t is because it’s on the Wiki Cook Book (Not sure where it is now tho)

Anyways I’m planing to work on a Project that will help Developers (Mostly New Ones) in the future after I have a Successful FP game, I am working on my game atm so I don’t have time for that right now.

I’ll spill some Tea for people who are interested;

It’s going to be a Group for Roblox Game Development and it will have all sorts of Lessons/Tutorials

I will work on the Scripting part where other parts like Building, Gui Design, GFX, Animating, etc will be other peoples job.

Each person will have their own Youtube Channel so it’s easy to manage.

The group is just for Advertising & to keep Lessons/Tutorials open to Public.


I don’t think this is a tutorial, this topic is meant for tutorials. If I had to guess this would belong in #lounge, but you don’t seem to have access to that.


I think he is just saying that WE need to make more Lessons/Tutorials for the Community in general.


Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be posted in this category.



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