The new stats panel font is really tall

The stats panels recently got a change to their font, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. The font seems to be way taller than it should be, and it makes things harder for me to read.

Is there any chance the font height could be made more uniform, or is this just the fault of the actual font?

Alternatively, this information could be moved into the developer console if an end-point is added to the DataModel to read from that one internal stats function that I won’t explicitly name ;)!


We’ve changed the renderer for all internal stat panels to use the renderer we use for microprofiler - this significantly reduces the performance penalty of keeping these panels open (and it’s odd to have a performance tool slow down performance). As a result, we got some restrictions in terms of the font / sizing. We can reduce the height of course, but the current height was picked as a compromise between legibility and size of text on screen.


Does that mean the pre-2009 UI system is finally being killed off?
I figured something weird was going on when the stats panels weren’t rendering when I take a screenshot.




Can you guys at least fix the size of the summary stats?
This is really unusable right now.


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Yeah looks like the new code is not taking visibility into account when doing layout. I’ll take a look.

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It also crashes if you delete any of the GuiItems stored in GuiRoot while its being rendered.

Can you give an example Lua snippet that you need to run to trigger this?

This will crash Roblox Studio if executed from the command bar while the SummaryStats are visible.

for _,child in pairs(game.GuiRoot.SummaryStats:GetChildren()) do
	print("DELETING", child)

A little bit off from my claim that “deleting any of them crashes Roblox Studio”, but something seems to be wrong here. I found the crash while I was trying to see if I could remove the invisible stats to free up space.

Ah, I see. The code that updates the summary panel expects a very specific number & ordering of children and misbehaves if you push it too far - this hasn’t changed from the old system. The fix for the layout issue will be live next week.

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this system needs to be nuked asap lol

Perhaps in the meantime it should look for the stat label to update by name while making sure it isn’t null?
It probably isn’t worth the trouble at this point. As long as the display issue is fixed it shouldn’t be a problem.