The Roblox [Pre-Ordering]


The Roblox

What Is It?

After Roblox’s April Fools Joke about The Roblox Gaming Console I’ve decided to create a in-game one. The Roblox is a new way for your players to have fun just by buttons. Your players can now watch short movies and play games on a Advanced GUI.

What Does It Do?

The Roblox includes games and short picture movies (Each Scene Is A Picture) for your players to use. The Roblox also includes monetization features so you can easily make money whenever the player wants to unlock extra movies and games. We recommend charging 50R$-80R$ for the extra movies and games.



NetBlox is a television channel available on The Roblox that includes “The Park” and “Sergeant Zombie”.


Bloxy Gaming

Bloxy Gaming is a app like Roblox that contains tos of games. Bloxy Gaming is programmed to be as customizable as possible so the Developer can choose how it works with NO programming experience.


We are charging 15 USD or 5,000R$ for this product. Pre-Ordering is refundable before the release and 3 days after the release.

I am the owner of The Roblox in-game device and if a problem occurs I shall be contacted.


This idea sounds okay but I would recommend you having some better GFX as stuff like the Bloxy Gaming gfx looks bad and might make people less likely to buy it, I also recommend having a test game where you can test this before you pre-order, other than that it all sounds like a good idea, I do like how it uses the monetization feature for the creator to make some robux.

If it had a test game where you can test what is done so far then I would consider buying it. :slight_smile: (Sorry if this is hard to understand)


Thank you for your feedback. I will create a new logo today afternoon or tomorrow. The Roblox is not at a stage where I’d like to present it to the public although later this week I will have it public so people that pre-order it can see a bit of it.

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Ok, That sounds great, can’t wait to see how this looks.

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Update on logos!!! I just remember I have 3 friends that do GFX so I’ll be changing some of the logos soon.

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I’ve seen you on a lot of projects/ ideas. Could you try and stick to one? It’s hard for people to buy your stuff if they don’t know how long it will last.


Yeah. This idea of his sounds pretty good, but judging by his other posts of his and other projects, I’d advise he try to keep improving rather than jumping into so many projects so fast.

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My other projects are being worked on. I now have a team of developers working on projects although I have a bunch of free time somehow.

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My concern still though is how you’re stretching over multiple projects, often with the intent of profit. By doing this, you can’t focus on just one thing at a time, which makes it harder for you to improve as a developer. It’s great that you have a team, but even though you say you have free time, you’re stretching yourself out thin.


It is the middle of my summer break and every day I have 24 hours of free time (Some of it which I sleep.) . I never stated that I wanted a profit except when I was selling my builds. I now have a team running Ro-Market. I remember someone once said

If you love your job keep doing it.

I do this more of a hobby then a job although programming is something I wish to do as a future career.


I never said I would make profit from Ro-Market. I stated exactly where the profit will go and that is towards paying customer support and for hosting as well as paying assistant programmers. I am letting my friend work on Ro-Market while I work on this. I’m actually not as new as you think. I’ve been on the platform since 2016 on different accounts although this is my first time on the Developer Forum.

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Profit doesn’t matter. Running multiple projects is extremely hard and almost nobody does it. Also, could you tag your team so we have a better understanding of who is behind the product?


I understand that it is extremely hard. My team lives in different countries and I wouldn’t like bothering them as of now although I will tag them later when they aren’t asleep.

I don’t think anybody will be waken up by being tagged.

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True, but you never know. :man_shrugging:

It’s been 10 hours, I think they’re awake now?

True. I’ll contact them on Discord to see if they are awake.

So… your team? Hopefully they’re awake now haha.

I will be very surprised if you pull off your movies scene as it would be a lot of decal uploading requiring some slicing. Furthermore, can you please show us some prototype. I have only seen text from you so far from everything you have put up. Here is a another thing. Someone can easily buy it and just sell it off cheaper or put it up for free. How would you get around that?

I would likely require them to sign an agreement. I understand that I won’t be able to sell it to a whole lot of people although I doubt many people would buy this unless they already have a game that is making money. Please note that a Parent/Guardian can sign agreements on behalf of you. I am willing to spend time taking pictures and editing then uploading them again. I am trying to make them short movies like in Work at a Pizza Place although I may even add The Last Guest to it,