The Robloxian Army (TRA) - Outpost Frostbyte Guide


This guide is for the Roblox group named The Robloxian Army TRA.
This guide describes the basics of Outpost Frostbyte.

If you find any issues with this guide or need any help, feel free to contact a High Rank ( Colonel+ ) in TRA or message me or @Partixel on these forums.

1. Table of Contents

      1. Table of Contents
      2. About
      3. Classes
          a. Assault
          b. Medic
          c. Juggernaut
          d. Tracker
          e. Sapper
      4. Raidsystem
          a. Payload
          b. Core
          c. Outpost
          d. Escort
      5. Modes
          a. Easy
          b. Normal
          c. Hard
      6. Help
      7. Other Documents

2. About

    Outpost Frostbyte is a class-based gun base with an innovative raid system that features unique class-specific weapons and powerups that give you a tactical advantage.

    The base has static numbers and respects a 2:3 ratio for players. Currently, we only allow;
    • 8 TRA vs 12 Raiders
    • 10 TRA v 15 Raiders

    Whilst playing this game you comply with our rules;

    • No glitching.
    • No exploiting.
    • No frog jumping.
    • No spawn killing.
    • No entering enemy spawns.
      Admins reserve the right to remove flaming/disruptive members based on behaviour, as well as suspicion of cheating and rule-breaking.

3. Classes

4. Raidsystem

5. Modes