The spam problem on DevForum

There have been tons of topics on the forum, however, there have been spam ones too. These ones have been trending, and it is annoying. A topic of mine barely gets any attention while spam gets attention. Any opinions?

Here is a example of a spam post, was viral and famous before action was taken THAT TOOK 3 HOURS I THINK: Curious George is a black boy, and people in the show are racist - Development Discussion - DevForum | Roblox, Bye, guys. Guys - Development Discussion - DevForum | Roblox,

Literally, in like 3-2 hours, a spam post got more than 100 replies (probably because of memes) and mine for 2 days gets 200 views and 40 replies.

Roblox needs a better moderation system, because spam is obvious to dedect. There are literally 25 people for a massive forum. Like, they need more.

Update 1: Release, sorry for removing entire post, it was a misunderstanding.

@DevEngagementTeam Please take this seriously. Thank you.


Hello, YTZ_Nightmare, I humbly also agree with you but my post, This is not a good thing, is clearly not spam and was a discussion until I deleted my message in hopes of deleting the entire thread but that is not how it works sometimes if y’know what I’m saying.

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Sir, your post was clearly spam. It had no value.

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But also I am kind of questioning how my post somehow got ~500 replies and 178 likes

I agree with this. But if we simplify this down to “What can I do?” then I’m not saying make dumb topics, but if you’re chasing Forum popularity, make eye-catching topics.

Instead of making a community resources title: “Produce: Made with Lua” make the title “Produce: You’ll wonder how this was made with Lua.”

I agree with everything the OP said but the way it’s often doesn’t seem the best, the best I think would be based on how much flags a topic has it’ll get Locked/Unlisted until a Moderator reviews it


Every couple weeks this happens and every couple weeks people make a new thread to complain about this issue. I don’t know why people still haven’t realised it doesn’t matter how much spam, regardless of the content (read: that one time someone got away with spamming gore for 6-7 hours, merely getting a feedback for only one of the posts halfway through) we will never get a proper moderation team.


Well, the thing is we shouldn’t have them in the first place, this is a Developer Forum, not Discord

(I also didn’t get the joke in the image)

i did make a thread that has the same topic as yours and det just locked and hid it. give up on hoping moderation will fix man

the proof that they didn’t do anything regarding this is the spam posts we see now.

I do agree there is an issue with the dev forum (specifically dev discussion) but I do not have the answer to solving it. I definitely think adding a system similar to what @Dede_4242 suggested would help but it wouldn’t solve it entirely.

I don’t think people should be chasing popularity on the forums as that is not what it’s for. The dev forum is a social platform, but not in the same way other social platforms are. The dev forum is meant for developers to communicate and learn about Roblox development not get x amount of likes, replies, and views. If that’s what your after, the dev forum isn’t the place to do that.


I agree with this, but from the topic of the post it seemed that the OP was trying to get Forum popularity, wanting more views and replies.

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He meant that for some strange reason troll posts get ~300 replies in 2 hours while topics where people need help get 10 replies in 20 hours

I agree with you, I think that if you want a true topic on this issus then @IWasTaked0 should search not for opinions but for solutions it’s just really logic that people don’t like spam and we all know the problem but now we need to find solutions to fix it !
EDIT : @Dede_4242 have one !
Have a nice day and sorry for my bad english !

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The only solution I can think of is when a certain topic gets flagged enough times it’ll get unlisted/locked until a moderator reviews it

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Yes, it’s for me the best solution to fix the issue for the moment !
I would also add like a leaderboard of topic who get bumped I mean there should be a button to bump the topic if you find it interesting and not solved so in the leaderboard there would be only not solved topics and interesting ones !

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this is why roblox seriously need international moderators for the devforums

Yes. 20+ people are not enough.

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I did not see your topic. Still, these mods will still be awful and let the spam reign for hours.

Just flag the post. No need to dwell on the issue. If you’re getting annoyed or angry at the trolls making the spam posts, you’re giving them exactly what they want.

I made the same mistake, and eventually realized my mistake and

The solution is simple: Flag the topic and it eventually get taken down. Don’t reply to the topic.

If the temptation to reply is too much, what I did was completely mute the #development-discussion category (which is where most , if not all the spam topics are created) from my forum feed so I no longer see posts. You can do this in your settings:


I flag and notify the mods like 999 times, and they take this late? Their vacation is important :skull: I am gonna take your advice though. I am gonna take the replying advice too. But, Roblox needs more than 25 staff members for this job.

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