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Hi! :wave: I’m Jack, my interests in realism within architecture & game design over the years on this astounding platform has motivated me to push further in creating sustainable, unique environments & experiences. Recently, we’ve been working on a side project which is desperately needed to release & replace for an old game version at Frizzed. I was wondering if you’d be able to help & provide us with some very cool advice, ideas, feedback & criticism on your perspective of the upcoming place below. Please note, it’s an extreme work in progress. Several details & aspects of the project haven’t been completed.

I’d love to get know more on:

  • How you would you go about ensuring a game like this is well-optimized for any device although still maintain realism simultaneously? Is it worth converting unions to meshes?

  • What could I make different about this place which would be unique in comparison to other similar groups?

  • What could be done better? Is there any logic in the game which doesn’t make sense? Be sure to point out anything which you think isn’t logically correct.

  • Do you care about attention to detail? Or keeping things simple?

  • Would you like to see realistic & drivable cars with a fully operating drive-thru?

  • Do you think the nature & scenery in the game is excessive?

  • Any ideas/features in which you think should be added to the game?

  • Ideas on voice acting?



Design Concepts (Polls)

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I truly look forward to hearing back from you, your feedback is valuable & crucial to this project. Thank you! I’ll get back to work whilst listening to lo-fi hip-hop all day every day now.

Huge thanks to…

@va1kio who is leading us in UI & UX (also the best chairwoman we’ve ever had)
@metarchitect who helped us out with the base design during early stages.
@Lsarowar20000 who has provided us with customized elevator models in which are paid licensed via Kone.
@va1kio for branding guidelines & logo meshes.
@exobyteXL @Wild_Dun @OMG_Gaming404 @Chrofex for their work in relations to programming within the previous version.
@va1kio @loertis also for some awesome graphic redesigns.
Further plans on VA will take place after development.

Full post with all credits will be revealed in future.

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WOAH, That is actually very very good! There is nothing you have to work on in my eyes.

That is truly amazing. Normally I don’t like cafe games but, I really like this one.



Absolutely beautiful! It’s extremely well built from what I can see. I don’t see anything you could’ve done better, and I would love to see a fully operating drive-thru in a cafe game like this! I think that the scenery is very nice. Keep up the great work! :grinning:


This is just amazing, i haven’t seen something like this before, it looks great. Fantastic work!


Lighting on the map is :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

great job!


Beautiful cafe may I just say before I start with suggestions, very nice and it’s realistic and I would continue the realistic nature props you’re using if I were you in order to make the best cafe possible.

  • For optimization I would say it shouldn’t lag much at all even on lower end PC’s. The only thing that would lag low end PC’s the most would be the vehicles to which I’m not even sure would lag in the first place. The best thing I guess I could suggest is streaming enabled to allow players load in faster, however that’s mainly for large maps not small cafe’s like this.

  • I see you asked how could you make this place more unique than from other cafe groups, and to answer that, it already is unique with the drive-thru and the realistic nature props put around the map. I’ve never played a cafe game, (since I don’t play them often), with this amount of detail. So, i’d say you’re fine on this regard to make everything unique. If anything, it’s like you’re making a showcase rather than a cafe lol.

  • I personally absolutely love attention to detail, especially on realistic builds with a nature setting that plays an impact on how the game looks and feels. Keeping things simple wouldn’t really offer much as you’ll just be like every other cafe on the site, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, however if you want to be unique I’d suggest to keep this realistic look.

  • The nature in my opinion for this game, isn’t excessive, and is in fact perfect. Don’t feel pressured to make this game playable on all devices as it isn’t the most realistic goal since player’s PC’s range vastly.

Ending conclusion is that this cafe so far is going great from what I can see in the video and screenshots you provided. If the worst possible outcome happens and the game is very laggy, you can always turn the cafe into meshes from Blender as Unions and Negates I’ve heard are very bad for optimization and in fact do more harm on systems when loading the game. Good luck! :smile:


The lighting in this is really good in this, first of all. However i have a problem: Cafe’s are really a target for troller’s. And i have a feeling with the car’s are going to be quite a big problem for that. So maybe you could put a limit on how many car’s could be running at the same time? Oh and i hope you don’t mind but maybe you could make event’s for the cafe’? I think that will help make you’re place stand out a bit more. Although goodluck with you’re cafe’!


Oh absolutely! We’ve got a current system in place which will despawn the player’s vehicle if they’re within a certain radius of the cafe in order to prevent issues from occurring. I will also definitely consider limiting the amount of vehicles users will be able to spawn.

I completely agree with you on that, trollers do usually target cafes, however, I’ve been analyzing this occurring in different places alike. What I’ve found is that trollers usually do what they do for a reaction, most cafe community-based groups alike don’t tackle this issue sustainably in my view. Therefore, I’ve made a plan on tackling this kind of issue, can’t share just yet!

Events will definitely be implemented into this version, whether it’d be community parties, arcade games & more! Thanks for the review!

If anyone else has anymore ideas, criticism & advice be sure to point stuff out!


Realistic? Not really. Today it’s hard to find such detailed in building cafe in real life. Realistic in second form? For sure! It’s realistic to see even in nature much ‘details’ for example in grass. Building is AWESOME. Keep the great work!


Hey, Jack I am happy to answer a few questions of yours.

  1. I can’t really answer this, I’d highly suggest not to add many parts especially in a game with a possibility 15+ players at once as that has caused quite a bit of issues of lag in my games in the past and can effect performance on any low end hardware.
    (Like mobile and tablet users)

  2. The drive thru is already very unique generally, I have never seen a cafe group with a drive thru in my 3 years on this platform.

  3. Generally everything is perfect than it is, Keep it up!

  4. I do care about detail and simplistic features of any cafe, I would say keep it balanced between the two.

  5. Absolutely I would like to see a working drive thru.

  6. I don’t think the scenery and the nature is excessive.

  7. I do not have any ideas.

That’s all I have to say.


I like it, its fell a bit empty inside so you should consider to add furnitures if u can :slight_smile:


Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated! I see where you’re coming from, I for one can also agree to an extent of which the cafe industry on Roblox usually gets a bit too generic & dull, mainly due to the overuse of the same assets & cash-grabbing types of places in which throw purchase prompts right in your face. I mean, they should at least find something strategical to gain profit rather than just throw the prompts which cover the whole screen & practically everything which can be deemed unfair towards those who wouldn’t be able to afford much. y’know?

Thanks, I look forward to seeing what the future holds! I’ve been running it for a good 4 years now, hopefully Frizzed can get back to where it was a year & a half ago.

Oh absolutely! I genuinely appreciate all the feedback & support you’ve all given me, realism & uniqueness is the priority in every upcoming game in which I’m working on. I look forward to seeing what the bright future holds.

Oh, by the way Happy Birthday @Ni_ite!

Hey there! I’m so honored to catch a glimpse of you in the replies, especially considering you’re one of my biggest inspirations on this platform along with the several talented artists which I just love, honestly. Thank you for being you!

Great job on the nomination for Paris, absolutely astounding!

Thanks for the answers & tips! I agree with you on these, I’ve been very wary recently on ensuring that games like these can maintain realism while being optimized to a decent extent for anyone to play on. Much appreciated!

For sure! The interior will be worked on when I’ve finished off the exterior, glad to hear you like it! Will be ensuring up to the most modern pieces of furniture will be placed here.

Thanks, to all of you so far who have contributed to this project! I genuinely appreciate every single piece of help given here, I look forward to hearing more! :raised_hands:


Incredible. This is extremely well made and in my opinion there is nothing to work on. The lighting and the model contrast well together. Keep it up!


i like it and the graphics and everything is just smooth :heart:


Amazing job on your cafe! I love the lighting and the realistic approach you have here the little nature, plants around it is really pleasing to look at. However, I would like to give some suggestions and try answering some of the questions.

Genuinely speaking on how making it more unique than other group cafes I would say the one you created is more unique than other cafe groups, since you got the realistic details such as the vegetation placed around different parts around the cafe and (drive thru). When I was visiting or looking at different cafes I’ve never seen these kinds of details added to other cafes you’ll just normal see tables, chairs, outside and the building but the one you made I’ll say it’s fine.

The natural vegetation and the scenery aren’t excessive I actually think it fits perfect. To answer your next question about ideas or features to add to your game I would say you could try adding some landscape lights by the drive thru area I feel like that should be added in my opinion since you’ll usually see these at the cafes or restaurant, however don’t feel like you need to add a bunch of details to your cafe just add the ones you think that’ll fit well in your game.

Other than that the cafe is looking really great from seeing the screenshots you provided for use I like how you’re going for a more realistic look I do know it’s still in development, but seeing what you made so far I can’t wait to see the final product of it overall good luck with your cafe.


Cafe, Decor, and this whole atmosphere…
It came out pretty cool, I really like it!


Looks great, keep up the good work man!


Yes that is truly amazing, you are very good at this :slight_smile:


I really like the graphics and renders is this only shown on the graphical level of 12?


Very glad to hear that, exactly what I’ve been going for!

Absolutely! Will be doing more on the interior in a few!

For sure! Landscape lights are pretty cool, will work on those very soon! Thanks for the advice, will definitely be working on the essentials.

Thanks for your detailed contribution towards this project, very much appreciated!

Thank you for all the support! Seriously looking forward to the bright future.

Hey there! The screenshots displayed here were taken within studio on the Quality & Edit Quality Level of 21 the max.

I see where you’re coming from haha! Thank you for the support! I’ve had a few jokes with people thinking these were GTA 6 leaks. :joy:

Thanks for confirming, very much appreciated! I’ll start off by working on converting the majority of unions into meshes, optimization is priority!

Absolutely, completely agree with you on that! Lovely key points you’ve pointed out in terms of the game’s design & logic, this’ll be very useful for new players to navigate around the place! Thank you for your detailed contribution towards this project!

Will be posting more updates on the project as soon as I can, once again all feedback is appreciated! Thank you all for your astounding contributions!