Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

This is a great! You did a good decision.


Read the room.

Back to being serious, can I ask why you think this is a good update?


No this isn’t. This is a(n):
• Spam Topic
• Bad Decision
• Advertisement
• Cash Grab
and more…

My nightmare just became true.


Regardless of this being a settlement/agreement in regards to the copyright infringements, or just a business agreement in general, this isn’t the right way to approach this. If you read over the original post you can see Roblox made a reference to the upcoming developer marketplace (why not just wait for that to ship to make this announcement?)

Now people who genuinely want to use these sounds, to be completely honest, myself included, are stuck having to pay USD and purchase Robux to upload the sounds I want. This doesn’t help new developers at all moving forward. This is something that in my opinion goes against most if not all of Roblox’s core beliefs.

As for “things that are bothering you”, I myself am also disappointed in all these replies mourning the “loss” of the death sound.

edit: added a few words


I similarly believe this is a great update!

If it didn’t include the update part.


Wow, so the official Roblox account is used for advertisements now?

Devforum is really going downhill…


It would take someone hours, if not, days to upload every single audio that Tommy ever made (if someone wasn’t abusing uploading api)

The estimated price of uploading this in robux with taxes and also the full ultimate sound pack, that amount would raise to around 2 thousand USD.

In robux terms of price, that would be around 650K robux to upload all of this.

Boy do I sure love wasting my life uploading 2 second audios to ROBLOX only to have a chance of these audios being rejected by moderation.


Hehe, Oversimplified.
On a serious note, I agree that this update is terrible, to say the least.


Come on Roblox… let yourself get sued for once. Don’t get bullied by a dude claiming he owns your sound.


Protip: Buy your own Zoom field recorder, spend some time learning how to edit sounds, and then you get all the sound effects you can ever imagine for the flat rate cost of the recorder.


Roblox will probably pull out a ‘response’ thread, it’s happened previously.

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The only thing that will be killed by the removal of the “oof” sound are the memes we all love and adore; no one is going to leave the platform over this. The old mid 2000s ROBLOX aesthetic is already long gone.

However, being hypocritical with the rules against advertising on the forum, especially with the official Roblox account and the Updates category is disgraceful.


Why remove the beloved oof sound. At least put a reason why…

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Honestly I don’t mind shelling out some money for the sounds themselves, but it’s going to be annoying having to buy robux and upload the sounds ourselves.


Moral of the Thread today: ROBLOX can easily be abused for profit.

Even if the case is false, ROBLOX will usually have to comply. Why? Because of lawyers.

If anyone thinks that even a small person will pay for this, I highly disagree.

Let us just wait till someone on the devforum releases all of these audios in high quality mp3 format.


good idea but why do i have to pay £10,000+ to be able to upload the sounds
roblox should make it so that if you buy it they link you a private account with all the sounds uploaded and you can only use the sounds if you own the pack and have a badge on ur profile for it.

or buying the kit could give you a badge that when you have it, it gives you acess to a premium version of the sound library with extra sounds


But then Tommy would probably go through with the lawsuit.


I don’t think thats how it works exactly

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People are mad at Tommy though. Read the top page of the replies.

It’s a great sound pack and it’s cool that it’s being offered, but guys… Advertising it in Announcements? And on-top of that, you also need to pay the upload fees when using the sounds.

Couldn’t you guys just have uploaded it to the catalog and have people buy it with Robux directly, where the permission system would work similarly to animations? Only the owner of the item can use it in their games and their groups.