Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

Going to be frank, this is an insult to Roblox developers.
You have thousands of hard-working, kind, and amazing Roblox developers. They have been on your platform for a long time, and this is how you treat them??
You could be having SFX packs made by actual Roblox developers, but this?? This person isn’t even on the Roblox platform and threatened to sue you!
Not only that, but the prices and terms are insulting. I will never pay this person a dime.


That’s the whole point of developer engagement - we do not have to accept anything, and if something is outright wrong, we will not stand for it.

These days, it is more important than ever to stand up to big business and challenge decisions which negatively impact us as developers, moving forward.


This is pretty interesting. I’d never expect Tommy working directly with Roblox.

can we say one last oof for one of the most iconic sounds in internet history

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Precisely! not to mention that there are tons of free ones too!

I have two questions.

If someone buys these sound effects and forgets to turn off public viewing on their inventory could someone go copy the sound IDs and use the sound effects themselves to avoid spending money on them? Or is there a system in place that prevents this?

My second question is will these files cost robux to upload? It would be pretty annoying to have to spend several thousands of robux just for some sound effects.

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Seriously Roblox, this is disrespectful to SFX developers on this platform. We don’t want cash grabs.
That’s the whole point of the Roblox Library…


Wow, real great way to lose half your playerbase

We will be replacing the ‘game over’ sound effect on the platform with new audio at the end of the month. Once we launch the Developer Marketplace, you will be able to choose from a variety of custom, community-created sounds (including Tommy’s collection of effects).

I’m not at all interested in this since it’s just a huge ad as @buildthomas said

also why would I waste my money like this:

Basic: 100 sounds for $10
Developer: 500 sounds for $50
Standard: 5,000 sounds for $100
Ultimate: 10,000 sounds for $250

when we already have a amazing library to choose from, I agree that it might not be as professional as this guy but it gets the work done, I remember Roblox partnering with monstercat which went awesomely

Refer to this post if you don’t know what I’m saying:

Seems like nothing but an ad as I already stated, also not going to like say anything here but…

How much exactly did he pay you for this?


OOF death sound. No other death sound must exist


It does not affect me because I do not intend to make games elsewhere other than Roblox and at the same time it brings an aspect of exclusivity for Roblox games which I think enriches the games on the platform.

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There definitely is still a an uploading fee and people stealing audio has been a problem for years now. We honestly can’t know how Roblox will handle issues like that until they start to occur.

Im just gonna flag this as spam or advertisment. This really is just that

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The current and unproven theory is that advertisement is the part of an out of court settlement between Tommy and Roblox. That’s one of the main reasons why people are so outraged by this.


Since these audios are very expensive in bulk, I would not be suprised if someone were to leak all of these audios for the public to use.

Sure, legal tensions could rise, but I’m not willing to care about being sued or anything.

Paying this much money for audio that could be obtained elsewhere for free on stock royalty free websites is absolutely absurd.


Man… Totally not an off-topic advertisement guys!


This post is extremely out of place and inappropriate. You are pretty much advertising someone’s work.


Really, removing the oof sound? Removing one of the one of the most iconic sounds in Roblox will make me and a bunch of others sad. Hopefully we can replace the new sound with the old one.


HA you just nailed the entire point spot on, not only advertising but I think they’re trying to work out some sort of deal here because why would I waste my money on this random dude, when I can either simply make it myself or just have someone make it for me for 1/3 of the price.

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Tommy Tallarico is the same guy that tried suing Roblox, accusing Roblox of using ““his”” OOF sound effect…
Roblox, what did Tommy blackmail you with to get this thread up?


I’m quite surprised Roblox would really lower themselves to this, advertising overpriced sounds to satisfy someone who could potentially sue Roblox.

Anywho, I use the DevForums to get updates on the platform, not see advertisements. Please use a different media for this.


Not blackmail, payed advertisement 2 very different things