Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

If you had any respect for the Roblox community, you would delete this post. This entire post is hypocritical and insulting to Roblox developers, especially the SFX community on your own platform.


1/3?!?! More like 1/16 of the price from this person who tried to sue us.

Wait, so we need to pay money for this sound kit? it sounds like an under the table deal to me…


Exactly, this post is just going to cause the SFX community to think of themselves as “less”

no 1 way to lost talent, AWESOME JOB ROBLOX!!! :clap:

Never really thought I’d be checking the announcements that I go to for important updates would be used to advertise the guy that threw a fit at Roblox a while back.

While I appreciate all the updates recently, and while we all know Sound Design for any game is crucial, I’m just not sure how well this is going to work out. Yes, you can buy the sounds and legally use them in-game, but anyone can copy a sound / change the pitch to bypass for free. Not to mention, you basically have to pay twice. Paying for the kit and then paying to upload the audio to Roblox. Unless you have some way of recognizing that the audio is from the kit and can be uploaded for free, I don’t see why anyone would want to pay twice.

I’m not crazy about the ‘Oof’ sound being replaced either. While I know change must be allowed for the growth of development and gameplay experience, the ‘Oof’ sound is an iconic part of Roblox history and a lot of our childhoods.

Apparently the dispute was settled about using the ‘Oof’ sound. Now you are removing it while promoting his new sounds? I’m not sure how to feel about that one.


The point I tried to make is stated, it’s that people would do it for a way less price than this giant ad of a man

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Yep - if Roblox had the balls to advertise some random’s sounds, I’d at least imagine they would be free for the community… $10 for 100 sounds is a pretty good price, even on the unity / unreal market though btw. What’s NOT a good deal is that you have to pay robux to upload EVERY SOUND - so it’s more like $30 for 100 sounds anyway!


Honestly, in my opinion Tommy is in the right completely, but having to remove it from Roblox for people having to buy it, then upload it costing more money I find a little upsetting. I wish there was a different outcome but sadly, the world doesn’t work that way.

Also, would it be possible to move this to a different category? This feels like more of advertising Tommy’s services rather than a platform update.


I wonder if it’s possible for me to sue them and get free adverts haha.


This isn’t correct. The entire reason a fall out between the two happened was due to licensing issues. Tommy filed a dispute on the use of the OOF sound effect, as he believed it wasn’t licensed properly, while Roblox believed that they had a license as it was provided through a “licensed” sound effect CD from centuries past. Roblox said that evidence of ownership/copyright wasn’t provided. This doesn’t mean that the copyright doesn’t exist on a product and Tommy’s entire point was that he is still collecting evidence as to whether he owns it or not. It’s clear now that he has that evidence, and it’s legally binding, otherwise, Roblox wouldn’t have addressed this in the first place.

My Take on This

Roblox were likely legally obliged as part of the settlement agreement to advertise this, but it is kind of unfortunate that it’s being advertised in announcements when it could be 100% be better fitting in somewhere like #resources, seeing as it is a resource and not an important change. However, that being said, there was likely an aspect of the legal agreement that said it needed to be public so try not to pin too much on Roblox about this.

I think everyone should keep in mind that for Roblox, that their hand has likely been forced. Yes, it sucks, and you might even argue that posting this announcement here would contradict the forum rules, but in reality, they probably didn’t have a choice. This was a legally binding dispute and the fact that the OOF sound effect became part of Roblox’s identity didn’t help, as it’d either be this or likely paying for every single use of the sound effect on the platform over the full-time Roblox has been alive, which is pretty much impossible to track and they’d have to pay millions, and that’s only for the “damage caused” (not really damage since it made the audio famous…). Roblox would probably have to pay more for the continued use of the audio.

In Reality

This is how copyright law works. It’s all good saying and suggesting that because Roblox had the audio in their game and it became part of their identity that it’s theirs to own, but actually it doesn’t work like that. Roblox stood by their stance that unless proof came by, they wouldn’t change the audios. Proof likely came by, and if it did, it would mean that Roblox broke Copyright Law, unknowingly, but it’s still broken. Sure, we know that if they did break it, it was accidental, but in a court, a company the size of Roblox would have very little legal defence to this and it’s very likely they’d lose. This settlement is probably the best thing for Roblox, as otherwise, they’d have to pay a whole lot more and push alot more to “make things right in the eyes of the court.”

Another thing that’s bothering me

Discussion on the fact that an advertisement has been made in Announcements should 100% be made since this is against the forum’s rules and philosophy. However, there’s a huge habit where people end up taking one issue and then bundling them up with Roblox’s other issues and saying that “they don’t care about us”. Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with posting an advert in #updates, but it’s equally against the rules to bring in wildly off-topic subjects that don’t have any relevance to what needs to be talked about. Please think before you post, as this place is meant to facilitate conversation and not directionless messages.


The ‘oof’ sound is still present on Roblox, when will this be changed? We weren’t even given an exact date on this post, pretty disappointing.


Easy to fix, go to Roblox’ client file location and look for the audio file. Just save it in another folder. When Roblox changes it, copy paste it to the location where you find the NEW death sound. Do that every update to keep the old one.


This post is spam and does not belong in the announcements forum as many others have said. Developers have notifications turned on for this important forum and misusing that trust for a cheap advertisement of an outsider is deeply disrespectful to the community.


Small theory: After Tommy continued with the lawsuit against Roblox and the “OOF” sound effect, Roblox and Tommy decided to settle, in an agreement that Roblox would advertise Tommy’s SFX in exchange for Tommy dropping the lawsuit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is a great! You did a good decision.

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Read the room.

Back to being serious, can I ask why you think this is a good update?


No this isn’t. This is a(n):
• Spam Topic
• Bad Decision
• Advertisement
• Cash Grab
and more…

My nightmare just became true.


Regardless of this being a settlement/agreement in regards to the copyright infringements, or just a business agreement in general, this isn’t the right way to approach this. If you read over the original post you can see Roblox made a reference to the upcoming developer marketplace (why not just wait for that to ship to make this announcement?)

Now people who genuinely want to use these sounds, to be completely honest, myself included, are stuck having to pay USD and purchase Robux to upload the sounds I want. This doesn’t help new developers at all moving forward. This is something that in my opinion goes against most if not all of Roblox’s core beliefs.

As for “things that are bothering you”, I myself am also disappointed in all these replies mourning the “loss” of the death sound.

edit: added a few words


I similarly believe this is a great update!

If it didn’t include the update part.


Wow, so the official Roblox account is used for advertisements now?

Devforum is really going downhill…