Toolbox and asset configuration are not loading all of my models

Pretty much what the title says. For some reason this only is an issue with models. Packages, images, meshes, etc. are fine.

Asset Configuration

I’m attempting to overwrite an existing model of mine, and it will not show more than 3 models of mine in asset configuration. I have tens of hundreds of models, not three.


  1. Attempt to publish a model to an existing model
  2. You will not have all of your models loaded, meaning you may not be able to update the one you want.


The toolbox only lets me see slightly more, but won’t load or scroll anymore below that model from late 2019. Only searching for the exact asset name will find what I’m looking for.


  1. Open the toolbox
  2. Go to “My Models”
  3. Scroll down until it won’t let you scroll down anymore (presumably it won’t let you go past a certain point)
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