Top Rated sort has been broken for months

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Why isn’t this entire sort filled with games with a 94% or rating or over? There’s enough games with that good of ratings - and yet there’s some games with under 70% on this sort. Is this some kind of a sick joke? -As many developers have games with over 70% and are not included on Top Rated. This is not an attack on any games on the sort, this is about the dignity of the platform and how serious we’re supposed to take Roblox’s algorithms and naming conventions.

This started happening in the July of this year

Expected behavior is a Top Rated algorithm that doesn’t include games that… aren’t top rated.


Roblox actually disabled it but it’s still there (Correct me if I’m wrong.) because of abuse with like or visit botting.

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As of May 28th at 12:10 PM PT there was a game with a 32% rating on the Top Rated sort. This doesn’t make any logical sense as there are quite literally thousands of games with a higher rating that are not put onto this sort.

This post is a bump as the website bug has not been fixed.


This is still happening… these are all on the Top Rated sort with average ratings, with one at 32%?! I’m not saying these games are bad, but they shouldn’t be on the Top Rated sort.

In my opinion, Top Rated should only include games that have at least 90% like/dislike ratios.

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I think the reason that the one with 32% ratings (Gucci Garden event) is staying is because it’s a ROBLOX event. It’s kind of like you can see the Zara Larsson Launch Party is still there too and has hardly any players playing along with only 65% ratings. Same goes for the Metaverse Champions Hub (Metaverse Champions event) but it has the highest ratings out of all 3 of those ROBLOX events.

So yeah I agree, it gets annoying and ROBLOX should probably do something about this.

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Even if the reason they are on top rated is because they’re official Roblox events, that would mean Roblox is disregarding and poisoning their own naming conventions for advertising events. Whereas they could come up with or utilize other ways to advertise their events (such as the side bar advertising). Instead, if what you are implying is true, they are tarnishing the great name that is “Top Rated”. This does not benefit any developer, especially developers of truly Top Rated games.


Roblox already promotes its official event games on the sidebar for everyone to see. I don’t really see a reason to “promote” a game like Gucci Garden in this sort since it’s actually already the first game in the “Top-Earning” sort, which is actually accurate. The Zara Larsson event is also over, so there’s no reason for that to be there for promotion regardless. Event or not, don’t throw it into sorts that they aren’t holding true to, it takes up spots for other games to shine.

It isn’t that big of a deal at the end of the day I suppose, but it’s kind of unnecessary considering the people who see the event on the sidebar and are interested will go there, and they won’t if they don’t care.



yeah this is a very high rated game I agree


In my mind, Top Rated should be just that. The games with the highest ratings.

I’d love to be able to specify parameters in my search too like:

  • Minimum % (e.g. min 90% like ratio)
  • Timeframe (e.g. within last 30 days, year, all-time, etc.)
  • Min/max plays (e.g. only include games where 100 people have played the game or don’t show games with over 1M plays to find smaller newer games)
  • Current players (e.g. I’d like to find a game with minimum 50 players online right now)
  • Custom tags (I’d love if devs could put a few custom tags on their games that we could search but that’s probably a whole separate post)

If the defaults were like top rated games from the past 90 days with minimum 100 likes/dislikes that could honestly make finding new and promising games sooooo much easier.
And if it truly sorts by top rated I think it’d be cool to see all these different games popping up as they are published and get rated. Bad games could quickly disappear down the list and the games that rock would stay.