Transferring Devforum Account Data to a New Account

Right now, there isn’t a way to transfer account info, limiteds, robux, gamepasses, etc. But that’s not what I’m discussing about today. What if you decided to make a new account, but would want to transfer all your posts, replies, likes, bookmarks, etc. to a new account that you’d like to use it as your main?

Let’s say you have a different account you like better than the one your using, and would want to develop on that account instead. Of course you already made a lot of progress on the account you’re using right now, and repeating the process again on the account you would like would be very time consuming.

I think there should be some sort of feature to switch accounts while still have the same information you made on the devforum.

Of course this should be very secure to do this. There should be some sort of heavy verification system where ROBLOX knows that you own the accounts, and should be some sort of cool down limit (Like a year).

This is just a simple idea, you can argue that you can use the account strictly for devforum posts, and I have seen people doing that, but it’s very unorganized in my opinion.


You should have used the account you were most happiest with in the first place. Sad to say it’s too late.


Sometimes time passes, and stuff does happen. Were human and we all change our minds, however I do agree with you. Sometimes it’s too late. But this idea would be pretty nifty in the future if it is added.

Well, if you have a strong use case (your only use case is that you’re happier with another account, which really isn’t strong enough to justify this being added) you should provide it in the OP.

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Roblox already offers you the option to change your username, which is then applied to the developer forum as well. If your use-case is that time passes, stuff happens and as a result you want to wipe away your post activity / moderation history, those do not sound like valid use-cases.


That’s just a simple example. Maybe this example would work better.

You’re using an alt account for the Devforum while your main account is receiving many visits in a game you made and you’re receiving major popularity. You want to use the Devforum on your main account instead of you alt but you’re already made so much progress on your alt account within the DevForum.

Hope this example gives a better understanding.

In that example you can just add to the bio your alt “I am the alt of J_son49” or something. If someone doesn’t believe you, sucks to be them. You can even add something special in your devforum bio for your main to verify you own the alt. Plus a lot of users on the devforums sign up with alternate accounts on devforums.


I did mention that already, and it is a working alternative, I still find it very unorganized to a certain extent.

That is a pretty stupid thing to do not to mention that it’s probably against the DevForum rules since it’s basically a bypass for a user if they get temporarily banned off the site


Hm maybe I didn’t word it right. Didn’t mean to say alt but some sort of past account you used in the past or something. And with the bypass situation, that could be a problem, but if you transfer devforum data to your “new” main account, then the other associated account shouldn’t be able to post on the devforum.

Never knew this would be as complex as I thought in my head…

Alts aren’t against the rules, they’re just highly advised against. Obviously you would need to temporarily stop using Devforum if you got banned, but as long as you aren’t actively trying to avoid moderation or artificially boost stats you should be fine.


This is possible, the DevFourm administrators can do so. I know the system that this forum is made by and it is possible.