Tripling Premium Payouts

Thank you so much for this amount of support! Really appreciated.


Has anyone noticed another potential increase?

3 different games all going up at once


Yes, here:

Others have seen the same effects as well.

Interesting that your three games had a spike then drop. My two games did as well. I wonder if thats just a natural oscillating high/low or if its trying to go back to normal


Premium payouts as a whole seem wildly inconsistent and don’t tend to correlate with the score at all (in my experience), it’d be nice if we could get another metric for them because the current ones don’t really indicate what creates a rise/fall in the payout despite the score remaining identical. My guess would be overall population share?


Same thing here, a spike even though not much changed player-wise.


The massive spike has now disappeared :pensive: Looks like it was just an issue predicting the premium payouts properly on Roblox’s end.


I appreciate that Roblox tripled Premium Payouts! This will be helpful in the future! I don’t quite understand if it is permanent.


This is a good update! I love that you are caring so much about the community. :slight_smile:


This Is Great And Will Help Us Get Through This Difficult Time Together


Pretty cool but still there is 80% tax. :unamused:


Wow!! Having premium payouts triple is awesome! My parents have been not getting as much of money and being held on their jobs! I hope i will get to use this unique moment to help my parents!


Thanks roblox staff that will help a lot with game development for new creators!

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The robux you see in the graph is the robux you get if I’m right? There is nothing with a tax here

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Is this a joke/rickroll because am confused… If this happens to be true, that would be amazing news! A good way for small developers to feel a little motivated and earning some robux.

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It seems to be broken at the moment. The summary tab or whatever it is called, has dissapeared…

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BTR isn’t functional as of a few days ago.

Summary tab can be found by clicking here:
and pressing summary.

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it!!

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This is so amazing! Now I can finally have enough robux to use it on stuff I want! Thank you so much for this update! :sparkling_heart:

How can we know if our payouts have been tripled?

All values from the start date are automatically 3x what they would have been before it to my knowledge.