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Really cool plugin and I love the simplistic design. One major issue I see though is that nodes are hard to select when generating triangles. You should try adding a system where they are selected by pixel distance from the cursor, also giving some kind of a visual feedback when selected. Another cool feature would be if we could export the terrain in some kind of a text format like JSON to dynamically load and modify during gameplay.

Also, couldn’t help but notice that the material button isn’t working yet.


Thanks for the input!

I’m actually working on the Materials as I type this;
In terms of the pixel distance - I’ll definitely take a look at this!

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WOW! REALLY GLAD I FOUND THIS! THIS WILL HELP ME MAKE MY MAP! Really happy! Thank you for making this.


Thanks! I actually still use this often myself.

If you can think of any improvements, don’t hesitate to hmu!
Always happy to improve this.

Oh. My. God.

You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve needed a simple-to-use triangle terrain plugin. Exited to see where this goes! Thank you so much!

Hmmm can you help me make a map? Like you know any roleplay games?

If anyone’s used my Plugin it’d be great to see some examples! :pleading_face:

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This game (from just these 3 screenshots) is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Thank you!
How do you personally find the Plugin to use? I’m looking at making a new version!

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I actually love it, it’d be very cool if there was a brush to paint color/material!!

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Thank you so much !! : D <3 <3

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