Try out the new Accessory Fitting Tool!

Hello Developers!

We are very excited to announce the production release of the Accessory Fitting Tool plugin for transforming your assets into rigid or layered accessories to be used with your avatars.

The Accessory Fitting Tool has been in beta for almost a year now, and throughout this period we have received a huge amount of feedback from the community and made significant improvements to the workflow to better match your needs.

Left to right: Magma Fiend model testing a jacket with various types of clothing & layered ordering; Bazooka Bones testing the same jacket with a walking animation.

The main highlights of the Accessory Fitting Tool include the following:

  • When creating rigid accessories, you will be able to position, rotate and scale the asset to properly fit within the max bounds of the selected attachment point.

  • When creating layered accessories, you will be able to edit the cages to adjust fitting and see the changes in real time.

  • A redesigned Preview window to visualize how your accessory fits on different bodies, animations, and with other layered accessories (you can change the layering order too!)

  • Camera controls on the Preview window to easily zoom in/out and pan to areas that need close inspection.

  • Default set of bodies, clothing, and animations to preview with your accessory, including a calisthenics animation that the Roblox art team uses for internal tests.

  • Ability to play the current place and test the selected bodies and clothing combinations during gameplay. Just press the Play button in Studio and your starter character will be replaced by the one you are previewing in the tool.

  • When you are satisfied with the fitting quality of your accessory, the tool generates the final accessory instance into your Workspace, ready to be added to your inventory.

The AFT lets you playtest your accessory in your games using up to 3 different bodies.

Please visit the Accessory Fitting Tool documentation for more information.

What’s Next?

We are continuing to refine the integration of the tool with the many different workflows you use. In addition to that, we plan to include automatic cage generation capabilities in a future release to let you switch between rigid and layered accessories using the Accessory Fitting Tool.

We really appreciate you helping us get to where we are! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!


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@HaloArbiter_101 Does this mean we’ll be getting the ability to take a static clothing mesh & automatically make it into a piece of layered clothing in the future? Or did I misunderstand this part?

Also nice username lol


Ok, I really like this, but you’ve said that this is a plug-in, does this mean that we will age to download it from somewhere? Or is it already implemented by default?


It’s built in from what I can see.
Although it may be something different


Uhh you only show layered clothes and animations

and I like that it’s built in, you can use it without a need of a plugin :slight_smile:



working on accessories was a really tedious work for me so that should help with a lot of stuff

Love it :grin:


This is very nice to hear, albeit a little late since I’ve just stopped using the tool for a project lol.

Does this accurately simulate layered clothing now? Previously, testing animations in studio using the Accessory Fitting Tool was pointless, as the clothing would clip in ways not present during gameplay.

I also find it strange that creating an Accessory with the tool using a MeshPart gives a Part with a SpecialMesh inside, perhaps this is for performance and is better practice for gameplay? Would be nice to see functionality for creating multi-part accessories that can be welded after adjustments.


Regarding simulating layered clothing while animating, the beta version of the editor had issues with HSR which should be resolved in this one. Also, as long as the tool is open you can test with your preview avatars in play mode.

Regarding Special Mesh accessories, currently there is a limitation for the UGC upload pipeline that all rigid (non-layered clothing) accessories must be Special Mesh Accessories. Once support for this is added, we will update the tool to also generate MeshPart accessories.


…So uh, any update on maybe having layered clothing fit on R6 avatars for a change?

It’s been kind of an open-ended question for a while now and we haven’t really heard any updates concerning this, so it would be pretty cool if we had something to go from.

If this new tool may even help this become a possibility, that would be great aswell.


Wait this might be good
No more glitchy accessories being 3 studs off from the head anymore I hope?


That’s really up to how you set up the Accessory. Although yes, using the Accessory Fitting Tool should make it so you get the behavior you want.


They should work on R6? I believe I’ve seen it done before, perhaps the rigs do not have a cage mesh and you may need to make it yourself? I have not tested

Also, @JollySunbro6

Glad to see that there was actually an issue, It was hectic getting Layered Clothing to work but now it’s great to hear there may be a solution. Even if it doesn’t work, the test preview should but in the case that it doesn’t at least I know that people are aware.

Thanks for the info on the Special Mesh, didn’t know that!

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nice update now delete r15 and rthro


Is it possible to revert back to the older one? I find this update much more confusing, as well as just being hard to use.


This is sick! I can now easily fit clothing on character models! Thank you Roblox :smiley:

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This is pretty cool, however recently I was thinking on making a rig which supports layered clothing and rigid accessories.

Unfortunately as of now, there isn’t much documentation which could help developers on creating custom rigs which support layered clothing and rigid accessories.

In the future, could we expect a detailed tutorial on the Dev Hub or even a plugin which helps us with creating these custom rigs?

Will we be able to somehow convert a standard classic shirt or pants item to layered clothing for our experience?

@Noble_Draconian yes, we are working on tools to automate the process of transforming a static clothing mesh into a fully functional layered clothing accessory in Roblox. I don’t have an ETA to share at the moment but it is coming :slight_smile:


@daimond113 have you had a chance to review the updated documentation (see link in the post)? Please, let us know if we need to improve the explanation of the new features.