Introducing the Accessory Fitting Tool

Hello Devs! We are happy to announce the beta release of the Accessory Fitting Tool. The Accessory Fitting Tool streamlines the accessory creation process for both layered and rigid accessories.

On beta release, the Accessory Fitting Tool will enable you to:

  • Assign a body attachment point to your accessory.
  • Edit the position, rotation and scale of non-layered accessories.
  • Edit inner and outer cages for layered accessories. The source MeshPart model must have the appropriate layering requirements.
  • Preview an accessory with different characters and animations.
  • Generate the accessory instance into the Workspace with an Asset ID.

When should I use this plugin?

Use the Accessory Fitting Tool when you have a MeshPart ready in the Workspace to be previewed on an avatar or converted into an Accessory. If creating layered clothing, the MeshPart must meet the layered clothing requirements before conversion (it must be caged and parented to an armature).

This tool can also be used to adjust and preview existing accessories on the Workspace. Re-publishing an existing accessory will generate a new Asset ID which can then be saved to your Toolbox.

Submit feedback below and follow our bug submission process for any issues discovered.

How do I get this plugin?

In the File menu, select Beta Features and enable the Accessory Fitting Tool AND 3D LayeredClothing.

After restarting Studio, the Accessory Fitting Tool should populate in your Plugins menu.

In order for the editor to behave properly, you also have to enable the LoadCharacterLayeredClothing property on the StarterPlayer as shown in the screenshot below.

How do I create an Accessory?

Follow our documentation on Creating Accessory Instances.


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Now it will be much better to fit the accessory into the character, I loved this new update.


This is really helpful! I was able to successfully get access to it in studio. I don’t have many Rthro accessories but R6/R15 working out.


Do you think the how to tutorials on the official YT channel will return? I think making a more in-depth video on this feature from getting the template rig and weight painting? I’ve always gotten confused how roblox rigs their characters since they do it in a strange method compared to other games or commonly made rigs.

Basically a full video tutorial including the following would be great

  • Getting the template rig
  • Modeling the Asset (Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Hat, Etc)
  • Explanation of the Outer/Inner cages
  • Weight Painting
  • Explanation on what’s going on and how roblox will use the data created so far to deform that clothing to other characters (basically explaining how the Layered Clothing update works)
  • Import Process
  • Setting up the clothing item to a new rig
  • Testing our new clothing item on a character

I forgot to link it in the post but like 2 weeks after I made this post @3l_e made a video on how to do it. Methods could be improved although its definitely a start


Finally, now its gonna be so easier to do all my accessories. Bless the lord!


Just a question - is full UGC coming soon?

Like, normal users can add avatar hats to the catalog?


i was wondering what that was. Turns out it was a default plugin. Good thing!


just enable it in beta features, restart studio and it’ll be on your plugins tab.


I don’t get what you’re saying … UGC accessories already exist on the Roblox Catalog (except for layered clothing), such as hats, glasses, etc.


I just played around with this tool and OH MY GOSH! This works incredibly well, it even works on avatars shaped like mrflimflam’s avatar!


That looks awesome. Hopefully though, this is not another plugin that will be added to my toolbar without me being able to remove it


Why is this a plugin? It would probably be best if this (Along with Rig Builder, Localization, Avatar Importer, and Animation Editor) is in the View tab. Plugins should be for 3rd party extensions, not 1st party.


Really I think they should add folders for plugins to allow us have better organization between all of our plugins by sorting them from what they’d be used for like all the Roblox Plugins or for people who do tons of things they can sort it by Building, Scripting, UI, or Animations.


For some odd reason, layered clothing in the preview doesn’t work on blocky R15 avatars? It doesn’t even come pre-built with blocky rigs and you can’t really use a blocky rig when positioning a hat. Wish you could make layered clothing tailored for blocky avatars given how layered clothing looks awful on them.


…Does it work for Tools for positioning the handle? If it doesn’t I’m gonna be mad.

The UGC program is currently arbitrarily invite-only

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I was really waiting for this, Thank you


Meshes imported with the beta mesh importer do not work properly with this tool, which is a bummer because I’m trying to use a model that has a poly count slightly higher than the 10k limit on the default Avatar Importer. This is with the LCL_Jacket_PufferCoat_001.fbx from the Layered Clothing examples.

With the beta unified Mesh Importer

With the default Avatar Importer


What about accessories that have multiple parts? You’re only able to select 1 part. Would we have to put the rest of the parts in the accessory and add weld constraints?

I’m also having issues where shoes will work perfectly on the left leg yet not the right. Tried multiple shoes. All attachements are the same, nothing different from each leg. Going mad over here :laughing:

Also side note, the character goes through the baseplate when you start fitting the accessory for shoes for whatever reason.

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