Typos & Minor Edits Mega-thread

PathfindingLink still claims that it is in beta. However, they have already been fully released.

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edit: this is in this article

the gif is wrong on ClipsDescendants showing that one of the children are not being clipped

That intentional engine design was decided for rotated GUI objects, which are not clipped because of technical difficulties, leading to another instance object being created named CanvasGroup. CanvasGroup also enables other features like multi-coloring different elements.

CanvasGroup will satisfy developers’ needs when they want to force-render elements inside instead of using the ClipsDescendants property on any other GuiObject.

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In Introduction to Roblox Studio, section Playtesting the Course, the word effect should be changed to affect.

This popup has a typo (it shows up when renaming a CollisionGroup through studio’s Collision Groups tab).


Hi there, thanks for the report. I’ve taken action on all of these:

  • Removed the incorrect code sample from PathfindingLink and directed to the article instead.
  • Linked up “NumberRange” for the “Min”.
  • Generally just cleaned up the Script page and removed some of the “curious but not super practical/useful” bits on “Hello World!” and such.

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Great callout! I’ve fixed up the page using the noted formulas and a few more between examples such as 0.25 and 0.75.

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Thanks for the detailed reports. I’ve taken action on all of these:

  • Corrected the typo “moderling”.
  • Touched up the grammar for the Replication section on Data Model.
  • Removed “Teams” from the Data Model page, as it doesn’t have big and direct impact unless you configure teams.
  • Touched up the phrasing for the VoiceChatService section on Data Model.

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The DMCA guidelines page still refers to and links to the old Develop page which no longer functions and now just redirects to the Creator Dashboard Home. This is listed under the “How do I locate content that I previously uploaded?” header. This paragraph also uses incredibly poor English.

The page currently states the following:

You can browse through the page to identify content you have uploaded. You can also use the tab in the Create page to search for content you have uploaded by “Creator” name.

This should be updated to something similar to the following:

You can identify content you have previously uploaded by navigating to the Creator Dashboard’s Creations page and using the tabs visible at the top of the screen to navigate through the different asset types uploaded to your account.

Feel free to make edits to the above as needed. This is simply just a suggestion of how it could be worded.

The link will highlight the misspelled word.

“Acccount” should be corrected to “account”

Typo in If Statements

Other fixes made:

I’ve removed the beta note on the PathfindingLink page.

Modified the phrasing a bit, although it was technically correct in being a list of Player.UserId values for “users”, meaning Roblox “players”.

I removed the misleading animation from ClipDescendants, since the text seems sufficient in describing what the property does.

Fixed this typo.

Thanks for all of the reports, and best regards,

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I’m going to assume that this thread will no longer be needed since we can now submit PRs to fix bugs ourselves.

Hey @DanTDM_Rocks999! We’re going to keep this thread open for the time begin, but if you’re comfortable submitting PRs, please feel free to do so and we’ll look into them as soon as we can!

UIGridLayout Documentation
The SortOrder of a UIGridLayout defaults to LayoutOrder, not Alphabetical.

Contextual Purchases has a typo displaying Bee Swam Simulation shop rather than Bee Swarm Simulator shop

@WizardAnt637101 and @remcodesremcodes

Thank you for flagging! Both issues have been corrected.

It’s still wrong. Simulation needs to become Simulator

Drag Detectors | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
Drag Detectors are no longer in beta as of 2023/9/25. DragDetectors [Beta] - #510 by PrinceTybalt