Typos & Minor Edits Mega-thread

This instruction on how to navigate to a certain dashboard is outdated. The highlighted text should be changed to “Under the MONITORING dropdown”.

“Contribute your Luau scripts for AI training can help enhance Luau-focused AI tools in Studio.”
Contribute → Contributing

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minor edits:

In the “Part , Size” section (Part | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub)
“collision detection” lead to a not working link


Thanks for flagging this. The instruction now matches the latest dashboard UI.

@Sylently Thank you for flagging, this has been fixed!

@Lucatacos2213 Thank you for flagging! I need to look more into this, but I’m hoping to have an update for you soon.

  • Two images (here and here) have the wrong caption.

  • There’s a run-on sentence here.

Thank you for flagging, the image captions are now up-to-date!

Status | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
The word Deprecated is spelled wrong

Hi @0Tenth,
Thanks for the note. This typo has been fixed:


AnimationClip quotes in KeyframeSequenceProvider | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub is not formatted correctly. It should ‘AnimationClip’ or AnimationClip not 'AnimationClip’s.


There is no space between client and It inhttps://create.roblox.com/docs/reference/engine/classes/GoogleAnalyticsConfiguration

Step 2 from this link makes no sense Immersive Ads | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub. Parts do not have a Face property, I believe it is referring to AdGui but it does not make it clear especially since it has not even been created before this step. Ideally, step 2 would be under step 4.

Space missing between the 8 and the c.

“You can find a large catalog of usable UTF-8characters here.”

  • A link here isn’t formatted properly

  • This is outdated; the grid size can be set to anything now.

  • This has “)” instead of a “]”; it should say [0.5, 1]

Image is broken for me in this

And this is still not fixed

Hey creators!
Just a note that the following have been addressed:

Fixed here: KeyframeSequenceProvider | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Cleaned up here: GoogleAnalyticsConfiguration | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Fixed the out-of-order steps… now it shows that Face is a property of AdGui and not the Part that the AdGui sits atop.

Fixed! :slight_smile: : utf8 | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

  • Fixed the first broken link: Plugin | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
  • Noted that the grid is not locked to the legacy options, but noted that the values can still be long decimals and may need rounding: Plugin | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
  • math | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub actually wasn’t a typo. In a range expression, [ means it’s inclusive of that limit value, while ( indicates it’s exclusive of that limit value (can be up to that range but not actually reach it). So in this case, it may reach 0.5 on the low end but will not reach 1 on the high end. To make this clearer (since it’s admittedly a bit vague), I spelled it out in words “(inclusive of 0.5 but exclusive of 1)”.

I fixed up some linking issues, and removed the image which was originally captured from Studio around 2018 and had since been removed. :sweat_smile:

Take care and keep the reports coming in! :beetle:


I wouldn’t call this a “mistake” but why is it a lowercase “Ui” when all the other enums are uppercase? (UI)

Have you seen my report yet? Some of my requests haven’t been changed, I made it months ago.

Hi @Den_vers , thank you for calling this to our attention! I went in and fixed a lot of the typos, and am going to follow up on a couple that might need an additional review. We appreciate your contributions, please feel free to either post here or contribute directly to the docs by clicking the Edit button on the top right corner of any page on the site.

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“his property is ignored if […]” is missing a “T” in front of the sentence.