UGC Catalog is Now Live!

I’m curious to find out how Roblox plans on detecting copies of already existing hats.

I doubt using scanning methods from a database of existing meshes would be effective considering people could easily modify an edge or vertex to circumvent moderation.

Roblox has already been adding in users that have ‘inside ties’ with them into the program. Best example I can cite would be @EvilArtist being added within the past week.

Not trying to personally call her out, but when you have as many users as Roblox does asking when an application process will be instated, it seems blatantly redundant to add more users into the program and not expect people to notice.

Can’t say I’m a big fan of this whole ‘we know the people behind the scenes’ group that is seemingly able to just slot themselves into UGC at will when other users are busting their asses trying to get approved. Makes Roblox look like a company that promotes favoritism over actual talent.

Edit - it has been brought to my attention that what I’ve suggested here is not what’s going on for a variety of reasons. Perhaps I should of put more effort into making sure I have substance to back up my claims, as well as been more subtle with my words. My apologies.


I know not everybody has the equal opportunity to get into the program right now. And right now, that’s just to test the waters. I asked a while back if I could potentially be let in, and lets just say I was a backup in case somebody else wasn’t fulfilling their role.

It’s not easy for Roblox to trust everyone who’s good at modeling just because they’re good. I was already an intern so getting hold of me was easy to do, I was already hired so I was trusted and just needed to sign another contract, and I literally sat across one of the people running UGC so once again, easy to talk to me straight away lol.

…Uh huh

Correct! ^ The reason why they aren’t letting in xXJimmyFan2453Xx and his grandma in at the moment. @NateRBLX


UGC is in really early testing phases and they just take in people who they can trust and contact ASAP whenever something’s wrong. Just like Vivi said, they’re testing out the waters now. They can’t let in a JohnDoe into the program now since there are clearly no boundaries to what UGC creators can and can’t do. Having it more public now, would result in most of the catalog being constantly monitored by Roblox just because there would be a risk of someone uploading rule-breaking items and let’s be honest, the employees have better things to do than moderate the catalog.


What is a big problem with this, is that the biggesthead totally ruins the value of the bighead and biggerhead. The bighead/biggerhead is valuable because it is rarely on sale, and even though they don’t cost much, they are still valuable because of that. Now that we have a biggesthead that is always on sale and costs only 400 robux, it’s totally ruined the “bighead economy”. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the hat cost ~10,000 robux and was only on sale for a few minutes each year.

And for being the biggest hat and being very cheap and extremely common (cheaper than the biggerhead) and totally being out of place, I think this hat needs some changes.

It seems like players creating hats are just making them as “overpowered”/quirky as possible to get sales.


I made it clear that the only reason your name was mentioned was because it was the most recent event that I could cite related to new users being added to the program. If there were to be another prolific user who was recently added, I would of made sure to tag them instead of you. I apologize if you took this as a personal attack.

While I can now see why you were directly sought after by Roblox to be added into the program, I still question the complete absence of information pertaining to UGC since its release date. The reason users like myself have speculated about the subject is because Roblox has relayed little to no information about the feature, yet they continue to add (and possibly subtract, seeing that you were a backup) users into the program and push more items into the community catalog.

I’m not saying that Roblox should indulge on every aspect of the feature from alpha to release, but it would be nice to know which users have been added to the program, as well as have a timeline of when we can expect the feature to ship completely.

Heck, if they could even release a monthly post (similar to the monthly recaps we already have here) pertaining to the best selling user created assets of said month, and include updates to the feature in the series of posts as well, I feel like that could be a big step in the right direction.

If no information is ever released on the feature, the public is left to nothing but their own theories, which is exactly what has happened in this thread over the past month.


UGC is still currently new and in testing, but there are already items that are very similar to ones already in the Roblox catalog.

1. Biggest Head to Big Head and Bigger Head

  • There is even an old model that similar to the Biggest Head we have now.
  • The first version of the Biggest head was originally a rip off from Bighead

2. Downtown Denizen to Classic Fedora
I’m glad there is an affordable decent looking fedora that is onsale, but I’m just noting that it looks similar to the CF.

3. Triple Headstack to Red Headstack
I don’t need to say anything about this.

In general, the addition of these items has devalued their original counter parts, Biggerhead and Bighead feel less special as there is a bigger alternative that’s available 24/7, Downtown Denizen to me is somewhat original but the price of CF has been slashed. Perhaps momentarily, but nonetheless the price of the item has dropped significantly. Triple Headstack is just a blatant copy that’s riding the originals hype for sales.

Seeing similar items at a reduced price/being available constantly gives UGC more of an appeal than Roblox made items. It gives me the mind set of Someone could make this for cheaper. It also removes the feeling of owning a rare item as those could be remade with the argument “it’s offsale”.

I know the QA team is being lenient on the types of hats being created as they need to test the waters. But it gives Roblox a bad look when someone basically reposts their item on the catalog. Reminds me of the clothing section of the catalog seeing that.

In conclusion, I am worried for the future of the catalog.


Roblox has always been inclined to trust people they’ve already worked with over new people. As, I believe, every company is. I’m not sure why you would expect talent to be the only qualifier for something that impacts millions of people, but I suggest you reign that part of your views back. Being in constant communication and trusting someone is more important for initial testing than the actual skill of someone. Not to say that the people currently in the UGC program aren’t skilled, but them having worked with Roblox before is more important.

As for the lack of information about UGC since it’s release… It’s been less than a month. Even if they went with your idea for posting monthly recaps, they haven’t had the time to do that yet. It’s obviously frustrating to not get any public response to issues, but bemoaning them for not saying things about a less than a month old program is silly (and shows ignorance for how Roblox usually operates :eyes:). Heck, I’m willing to bet that the main reason they haven’t said anything is because the program is in flux. I know for certain they’ve already changed the behind-the-scenes guidelines for hats. It would look even worse if they posted about every hiccup or change, since there’s nothing else to share.


I’m now aware that most current UGC creators are associated with Roblox professionally in some fashion. I’ve come to understand why they’re currently selecting the users that they are. When I had originally questioned Vivi being added into the program, I was unware of the fact that she had previously been associated with Roblox in the past, and when she made that clear, I tried clearing that up as best as possible and apologized.

Never did I say nor do I beleive that every bit of information about the feature be published. In fact, I said the exact opposite of that in my most recent reply.

I don’t think these bits of information are too much too ask for, even if the program is still in ‘flux’.

As for the monthly recaps, that was simpily a suggestion of how information can better be relayed to the public. Just because a suggestion is made doesn’t imply that it should be implemented immediately, or that it will be implemented at all. I put that there in hopes that someone on the program would read it and hopefully consider it as an idea at some point in the future.


Seeing this makes me wonder, if you were to create a game and put up a R$ 5,10 or 25 paywall to enter a room to obtain a UGC badge. You would have a game that would easily reach the front page as you can profit by selling UGC items to hoards of people at a lower price than the catalog. Would there be any prevention for this? or would UGC badge walks become the new norm once UGC is released.

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Your UGC item would have to be very desirable in the first place not only that but you’d also need people to play your game first, I don’t think it’s something that can easily be done at all.

Nor it makes sense to be able to sell something you want to award, maybe it would but I’ve never seen any Rewards that could be bought for Robux offered by Roblox before.

In a case of other things like awarding Gamepasses or Devproducts those might be a valid case to have a price for them.

But to answer your question “I don’t think so”


Can creators use assets they buy and have commercial rights, instead of making the hat themselves?

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If so then that would be really contradicting to what UGC is intended for. I don’t believe so but if it falls under the radar by ROBLOX Moderators then that would be a problem within itself.


More desirable items are of course higher priced due to demand. I’m just saying it is a way for items to reach lower price points than the current 50R$ minimum. You can search up “Free Badges” in games and come up with multiple games that offer free badges. Those games sell VIP’s to get access to even more badges or to become a badge yourself.

UGC items are considered advertisement grounds as Reverse_Polarity has plugged his clothing group in his UGC items and has made hundreds of sales off it.
It wouldn’t take much to have a creator make an item and say “Hey, there’s awardable UGC items here that are lower priced.” The game doesn’t even have to be centered around UGC hats, it can just be an ingame purchase only to draw in players.

My original point was sort of to say that once UGC items become awardable, the price minimum should also be lowered from 50R$.


i have a question. You know how some games use roblox hats as accessories? Are we allowed to use ugc items in our games or can we not use the?


I’ve already asked the question it’s never been answered

  • Do we treat UGC Catalog Items as Normal Catalog Items?

    • Can we use UGC Catalog items in our games?

    • Can we monetize UGC Catalog items in our games sold as in game Items

I would very much appreciate someone who could answer us those questions

  • Do we treat UGC Catalog Items as Normal Catalog Items?
    Yeah, that would probably make sense as if you would be able too. My guess is once you upload a catalog item it would be sent to be moderated then if it gets accepted it’ll be sold for however much.

  • Can we use UGC Catalog items in our games?
    If your meaning if you can use custom hats for your OWN game I couldn’t see why. They could be sold easily :man_shrugging:

  • Can we monetize UGC Catalog items in our games sold as in game Items
    I couldn’t see this happening sadly. Although ROBLOX does fill us up with surprises. So lets be prepared!

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I have seen games selling Clothing that aren’t theres for in-game money, this is why I need a clear answer.


is there any way to prove our merit to get into the program without having worked with roblox directly in the past? i spent the whole day making a pseudo accessory i was hoping to get to present in front of a jury some day, lol


Wondering, if the creator of the item were to get banned, will the item still be in the buyers inventory?

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