UI changes position when testing and playing. (have constraint)


The UI in my game moves position when testing (in Roblox Studio) and in-game. Here are some pictures.

In studio: Studio

Testing / In-Game: Test:In-Game

I know this is already a topic and has been solved: UI Not Showing in correct position when in test mode or in-game

But I have a constraint in my UI and I’m still having issues with the placement.

Can anyone help?


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So pretty much I know this UI Scaling plugin broke a while back for positions so if I were you I’d look around either doing it manually or using another one.

I’ve found a similar plugin and it might also work for your needs:

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Sorry, how would I do it manually? Thanks

You could use plugins such as [Plugin] AutoScale Lite which automatically scales a UI to fit for all devices. You won’t need to do maths or add any constraint then.

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Foxie when you UI aspect constraint make sure that size is scaled and not not offset. Also, put the value of the first absolute divided by the value of the 2nd absolute size and put it in the constraint. If you still don’t get it watch this video lol: https://youtu.be/6wTBfO9gjRE
Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, I’ve fixed but I don’t know how!

Thanks for the reply, I’ve fixed it now but I’m not sure how!

Techy’s Obby System is the best!

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