UI develops black outline when rendered in Roblox

I’ve been making some simple pixel art decals for a game and I’ve noticed that some of my decals have black outlines when rendered in game.
This picture shows the decals that I exported from Figma

and these pictures show what happens when I import them into Roblox and use them

It’s worth noting that BorderPixelSize is set to 0 and I’ve played around with other settings and properties and nothing seems to remove this. I’m not really sure what’s going on here but its been pretty frustrating. My question is how to remove this and prevent this from happening to other assets that I might want to add into my game. Any help is appreciated.


This happens a lot with Roblox clothing too, I think it’s a problem with the site itself not the UI.

As you can see here, this template has no visible gray outlines on the template.

But when it’s uploaded, the shirt has a weird gray outline.


There’s not much you can do, maybe try your luck and message @bug-report.

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Is it the shadow or just roblox issue?

It’s an issue with how Roblox renders images. Luckily, there is a community resource available which solves this issue:


If the UI is only made for pixel-looking GUI’s, probably just use the ResampleMode property, set it to Pixelated. The docs for this is empty though, so here’s a link about the update: