Ultimate Art Recourse List

I have learnt a lot of useful websites, apps and such that are very useful to art on roblox.


dafont.com - fonts of all kinds like horror, cartooney and greek.
flaticon.com - Find millions of user generated icons (requires attribution unless you have a premium liscence.
starburstgenerator.com - Make starburst png’s or SVGs.
getpaint.net Paint dot net is a very straightforward and user friendly art software, and 100% free.
iconsdb.com Free icons, that you can customize to your liking! Thanks to @ReturnedTrue for the recommendation!
http://google.github.io/material-design-icons/ Thanks to @Streeteenk for the recommendation!
https://github.com/Corecii/Transparent-Pixel-Fix/blob/master/README.md Thanks to Streeteenk for the recommendation!
https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baseline Thanks to Streeteenk for the recommendation!
https://www.gimp.org/ And https://inkscape.org/ Thanks to @PrincessPandaBlox for the recommendation!
www.photopea.com - Pretty much photo shop I hear at least , but free.

Devforum threads

If you have any suggestions please say so down below!


Great contribution whatul00king_at! This looks useful!

This isn’t a tutorial though, I would rather call it a resource list. You might want to change your topic name to make it more fitting to the content? On that way, resources on the Developer Forum are easy to find, :smile:


An alternative to flaticon, which I use, is called iconsdb.com. Even though it doesn’t have as many icons, they’re all free to use and you can get them in any format, size or color.

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I also would like to recommend Google Material Icons, which has more than 700 free icons in many versions, you can give attribution, but it’s not required, but you also can’t sell the icons themselves. Ah, and a cool resource to use when importing the icons for Roblox, is pixelfix!

I like to remix these icons for my plugins and game user interface :grinning:


Don’t forget GIMP and Inkscape!

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Great list, very useful!

As @ReturnedTrue mentioned, https://www.iconsdb.com/ is a better alternative for flaticon, in my opinion.

But it really just depends on situation, I use both.

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Added photopea and a section for devforum threads!

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