Unable to close game settings window when opened during temporary internet loss

This bug occurs when you open the game settings while having connection issues (i.e. your internet is disconnected). You will not be able to close the game settings window, even if your internet comes back.

You cant close the window, you cant click anything behind the window , you cannot Publish or Save the game (even using shortcuts). You cannot close Studio unless you force close it.


I have tried quitting it and force quitting it and nothing has happened, I think my only option now is to shut down my Mac

EDIT: It is now fine I tried going to the dock and force quitting from there but it never worked and I just found out a shortcut (which I should’ve known from before) to force quit applications on Mac but it is still a problem as if someone never knew how to do the shortcut then studio would be stuck

I have this problem constantly, whenever I try to save any game settings through the game settings window, Studio practically locks itself, unable to close any windows or even studio itself other than through the task manager.

Not to mention your Roblox avatar jumps in front of you in Tusk Act 4 mode


Try re-instaling Roblox studio.

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Force closing or restarting studio is a fix but they should fix since it can happen with a single miss click.

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The game that I forced closed still said that I was developing it after it was closed, but after a few days it finally fixed itself

Same here, I need to make my game R6 but it won’t let me. I’m going to try just leaving it there until it loads and not doing anything

It will never load and you will have to force close studio because you can’t even close studio with the cross

Would uninstalling and then reinstalling work because I need the change a setting in this project

No because this is a problem within Roblox Studio so until they fix it this issue will not be gone

There is a similar topic that was brought to the Roblox staff’s attention so this should get fixed soon hopefully:

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Thanks for calling out the overlap, @BeeBeau, we’ll take a look and see if there’s a “two birds” opportunity here.