Unable to move around with my mouse in certain game

I can’t move around with my mouse (Right Click/Scroll Wheel) in studio for my game Chocoblox Factory Tycoon.

When / Where

This starting happening: 5/6/20 or when I got the Cutscenify plugin.
Does this always happen: Yes.
Where does this happen: This only happens in Chocoblox Factory Tycoon.

Basically if you try to Right Click and Drag or use the Scroll Wheel to move you can’t.

Here is a video:


This might not happen for you but it happens for me. Anyway here is my repro:

  1. Install the Cutscenify plugin (I think this is what is causing the problem)
  2. Go into a game in Roblox Studio
  3. Try to move with your mouse
  4. You shouldn’t be able to move

Other Info

  • This only happens with the mouse; you can still move with the keyboard.
  • No crashing or freezing, just that you can’t move.
  • Even uninstalling the plugin doesn’t work

Please fix this!

No offense to @Inventfvl but I really think the plugin is causing the problem.


Platform Feedback is for platform related issues. The plugin Cutscenify is not maintained by Roblox, so you should bring this up privately with the developer of the plugin, or do your own research into how the plugin works to determine if this is actually a bug with API the plugin uses.


Please submit bug reports only if they are bugs with the Roblox platform itself.