Unable to resize DXGI swapchain error after resizing widget


When resizing a widget, my entire computer will stutter for a brief second until I get spammed with an error message saying unable to resize DXGI swapchain: 887a0005. Afterwards the studio viewport will stop responding and widgets will no longer function and will look distorted

(snapping the animation editor to the top of the studio viewport results in this)

This will only happen half of the time, the other half of the time is just the studio viewport turning black with no error messages (as far as I know, this bug started happening today [6/5/18], although I haven’t used any widgets for the past couple days)

Keeping the window open for extended periods of time after the error messages will also cause random programs to start bugging out, eventually force closing them

Running windows 10, GTX 1060, Able to replicate on Direct3D11

System freezing and studio permanently broken

Which DirectX version is studio running in? You can check in settings.


updated OP


I also get this error.
Unable to create DXGI swapchain: 8007000e
Running Windows 10, GTX 660.

I launch a 2 player server, the server and first client launch correctly.
It then fails to launch any further clients. An interesting behavior is that when I start 2 clients, one will work fine the second one will throw the unable to resize error, then when I close the first client that opened successfully the second one stops throwing the error.


This happens to me too when I try to resize a PluginGui.

My Specs:
Windows 10
Intel Core i7
GTX 1060 3gb


It’s been a month now and this bug is still happening for me.
It’s preventing me from using the “Test Server” feature as I can only ever have 1 client launched.
Is there any chance of this being fixed?



I’ve also noticed that resizing or moving any other window with a widget open will cause the same issue (file explorer causes the issue, etc.), this makes widgets completely useless on D3D11