Unable to unmark solutions in Community Resources

Previously, you were able to mark and unmark solutions in your own threads in the #resources:community-resources category. This is useful as you were able to efficiently let users navigate towards the newest update, but this is no longer possible:

Thread in question used to determine this: ClientCast - A Client-based, Idiosyncratic Hitbox System! - #289 by NotBugle

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A staff member disabled the solutions feature in #resources.


Hey @PysephDEV I just ran a script to unmark all the solutions in these categories (since you can’t unmark them yourself when the feature is disabled).

We want to stick a bit closer to the Discourse definition of the feature so that it is easy for us to use other features attached to it such as: automatically locking #bug-reports and #feature-requests when they are marked as solved. Using solutions in the #resources category didn’t make much sense since the topics that fit in this category do not pose solvable problems.

You can use editing and quoting/linking to point to recent updates on a topic. This also gives you more control because you can decide where in the post this update should appear. (not always lodged at the bottom and not always with the static header of “Solved by”)


Main topic is here: Do not auto lock posts in resources