Unable to use DevForum on Microsoft Edge


This is a VERY constant bug, possibly related to more errors.


Yesterday at 6:50, This happened.

And here’s what it looks like now.

It has been this way since, I have nio idea how it’s happening.
My system specs and other trash is in my 403 Errors topic, linked above.


Weird? I’m on Microsoft Edge and haven’t encountered anything of the sort.

I recognise this doesn’t quite help or anything but just wanted to share as someone who’s using Microsoft Edge that it’s not happening to me.


I’ve received an error every time I try loading the DevForum on my laptop. I’m using Google Chrome. For some reason it allows me to access the DevForum through safari on my phone.


I have not been able to reproduce the bug again, using Edge:

I don’t know what are your time zone, however, between about 6:30 - 12:30 a.m. UTC -5 the forum went into maintenance. At that time it was redirecting to the URL shown in the last image.



Does it work on chrome? Chrome is essentially the same as edge as their both chromium based. If you don’t know any alternatives, just use that. And, maybe check if any apps or addons (addons are most likely the issue) are interfering.

It still doesn’t work, and I dont want to switch to Chrome. It works on chrome for some reason. It wotn even work on Edge with a VPN.

Did you try clearing your cookies and cache? Doing a hard refresh? Disabling browser extensions?

t works when I click a DevForum link, accessing it directly results in the offline port 533.

Microsoft they would have to fix the browser error since the edge browser is new and still many people do not start using a browser Microsoft Edge errors should not occur For the Developer Forum

For some developers who managed to enter the forum with the Edge browser were lucky if that error happened again.

To resolve this issue, could you please follow the instructions here? Can't Access devforum.roblox.com Directly - #5 by Hooksmith

Can you let me know if the 403 issues are largely resolved after performing the above and browsing the site?


Does it work if you navigate to devforum.roblox.com:443?

I’m using Edge, I don’t have any issues, also can you make sure your VPN if you have one is turned off (if it is then try turning it on and set to a diff country)

No, I think port 433 is broken.


Following up:

What issues are you still seeing?

it fixed now, I enabled some settings in the Network panel of inspect.

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