Uncategorized Category added

On Discourse, there is an uncategorized category feature. Somehow, a Bug report has been posted there. I checked out the bug report, and it seems to be in the style of the Bug Report wizard. This can only mean that the bug report wizard had a little bug that caused this.



The simple solution would to just move the post to #bug-reports:engine-bugs , but this may happen again, as the Bug Report wizard was created by Roblox.

Thanks, WE


This seems like an error in the bug report form. Hopefully someone from the European part of DET fixes it asap.


Why the European part of DET specifically? Were they the ones that created the new catagory?

Hi, this wasn’t added now, it’s been there for ages I’m pretty sure.

This my first time ever seeing it, are you sure it was there for ages?

Cus it was super early in the morning on the west coast…

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Yeah, this seemed a little weird… that post looked much like a bug report.

Keep in mind this wasn’t a newly created category. The likely issue is with the Bug Report wizard, and notice how that user also reported this bug:

It was an error that causes the category to be blank, which discourse makes into a category called “uncategorized”.


I can confirm that I have always seen the uncategorized category when I have shown the “muted categories” in the past.

I’m pretty sure the bug report wizard messed up like mentioned before.

I have never seen this category until today.

The category is muted by default; if you unmute it, it appears between Announcements and Development Discussion.

Uncategorized has been here for a while. IIRC it has no uses at all, anaminus’ topic got bugged in some process, or something, should also see

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However, it only appeared for me (not even in muted) today.

seems like it’s fixed, it no longer shows up in the home page, still viewable, sort of a unlisted category, and the topic has been moved to the correct place

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Ok, but I believe that this may happen again.

Following up here, I think this should have been resolved now for a couple of weeks. Please let us know if you still see this occurring.


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