[UNDER 500 ROBUX TO HIRE] R6 animator!

About Me

Hello! I’m an R6 animator! I’m a female and I’m 14 lol.


I CAN’T animate fight scenes! If you contact me and your request includes either of these things, I will block you. My animations are very basic!!!

My work


Planning to add more in the future.


I don’t really have set times or days of when I’m available but, most the time I’m not busy.


Prices are negotiable, I only accept Robux for each project I work on, I don’t normally do percentage unless proven success or a backup payment is with you.

Prices depend on how long the animation is, how animated it is and, how long it took me to complete.


You can contact me here on the DevForum or Discord!

Discord: S p i c e#8223

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It would be better if you provided more information with videos of your previous work…

I’ve actually never worked with anyone before and, my other animations are lost because I never saved them or recorded them sadly.

Ok Then but you are supposed to provide information just an advice even I am new to the forum