Union disappears on seperate

Hello builders :slightly_smiling_face:!
I am trying to separate a union I made, to change its color.
But when I separate, the union just disappears.
robloxapp-20200926-2048211.wmv (224.1 KB)
I’ve seen people say that I need to disable CSGv2, but I am pretty sure there’s only CSGv2 now.
Does anyone experience that, or know how to solve it?

Edit: Many people seem to think that I am talking about is that the union is invisible. This is not the issue, the union is being deleted when I click on separate, it is not invisible, it is completely gone. The union itself is visible.

If unions disappear when separated they are corrupted.

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Is there a way to fix it or I have to redo it?

It’s impossible to recover the Union in that place, because it’s corrupted. You will need to go into your auto saves folder, grab it from there, or download a past update version and grab it from there, or remake it entirely.

If you regularly have the issue of unions corrupting or using them a ton, I reccomend you look into blender as meshes don’t corrupt.

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There is a way to do it but its confusing

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Are you sure about that? This will only change the transparency. The union is not invisible, it just deletes on separate.

Oh. I thought you were talking about the invisibility kind of corruption, where a union turns invisible even on transparency 0. I’ll delete the post.

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Here read this How to recover invisible / corrupt unions

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This is a common issue that’s been reported before, consider using the search function since this has been brought and answered before: For the issue you’re experiencing the part seems corrupted in the future consider adding a image and not a download link, I wouldn’t use a Union for something that could be created with regular parts.

You can remake your model and color it, if you’re making more parts out of unions or trying to color them try using a handful of unions; you could always remake the part since that seems like a simple solution. Here is a similar thread related to your question:

I did use the search function. Maybe you misunderstood my topic.
The union is not invisible, it is completely deleted when I click on separate, and I said in my topic that I found a related topic that says to disable CSGv2 for it to work, but there’s only CSGv2 now, so that doesn’t help me.
The topic you added is not related to my issue, The union isn’t invisible. It is deleted on separate.

I didn’t try to add a download link though. I recorded it using the Roblox recorder, and now I see that .wmv doesn’t show as a video here.

This is happening to me too. Did you ever figure it out?

Not really, I just made it again.

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Hi, would you mind sharing the problematic CSG part so we can investigate the disappearing separate operation and corrupted issue? Thanks!