Unread Bug (Showing An Unread Thread When There Isn't One)

So whenever I go to the follow tab, it shows me that I have a thread in my unread tab, but when I go there it shows nothing in the tab. It will do this every time and I think it can get a little annoying to think there is a thread you haven’t read yet when there isn’t. This only happens when the following tab is open, which was a new feature that went live about 4 hours ago: DevForum Following is now live!. Here is a video for a better understanding of what I mean:

Just wanted to let everyone know about this and see if we could fix this annoying small bug I found, Thanks For Reading! :grin:


This has been reported already:

This was from the new update though, that post was before the update. I am talking about whenever the follow button is pressed that false notification shows on the unread tab.

Oh, I’m guessing that it may be related somehow? The issue I linked hasn’t been resolved yet tho.

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Btw I looked at the link again and it was solved in post #10 but I agree it might have the same relation with the post you provided me.

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