Unsure on how to go with releasing a game as a new developer

Hello everyone! I’ve been on roblox developing for around 3 years now but I’m just now coming around to releasing my first full game, and to be honest I don’t really know how I should.

I know most people say advertise to get players which yes, but I really just don’t know how. Is there a difference between sponsored games or advertising, or are there better ways to get players?

My probsbly biggest setback for this is I guess a fear of just investing all this time and robux into a game which won’t take off, and I’m not sure how to get over this. Advice from anyone would really be appreciated because Im trying to get my name out there but unsure of how to do so.



Hi, to answer your first question, I did a quick search and found these two articles that may help you make up your mind:
Article 1
Article 2

The general consensus seems like choosing ads over sponsors.

Now robux-free methods of spreading word include making a post about the game here on the forum, advertising it on a Discord server, and spreading word on social media such as Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook (ew), Tumblr (bottom of the barrel), etc.

But if your game is good and people like it, they will share it with their friends and that’s how word spreads. Friends can also join others in-game. Word of mouth can be powerful.

Honestly though, also see what other people think about this. There will probably be more posts below.

Anyways, cheers, and I hope this has helped you. (((o(゚▽゚)o)))


I have made a post like this before, I’ll link it here, I had a few free and paid methods you can test out.

And, for me, I personally click on the advertisements more because they look more attractive and colourful than sponsors which is just the icon of your game. I don’t click on those which has like a noob at level 1 and then a pro at level 50 or something. Try to make your banner unique and use cute GFX if need be.