[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

am i only talking to you bud?

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Cuz, the admins have short-term memory loss.


The only reason this happened was because the Roblox moderation team was not good enough to block copywrite music and now this is there new idea, to just not ever look at this topic ever again and forget all about this. Thanks Roblox!


People should bug report missing promised features at this point. Maybe this way we get answers.

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This would be abuse of the bug reporting system and would probably get us all banned, not the greatest idea in the world.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we must wait, for we can do nothing else.


There is a problem with the audio limits. It is 10 without ID verification, and 100 with it. This is too small of a limit (for ID-unverified). Some players got the 2000 limit, but the criteria for it is not disclosed. I think it should be 10 for players who are not verified at all, 100 for players with any kind of verification, not just ID-verification, 1000 for fully verified players, and 2000 for players who are fully verified and have Roblox Premium.


those are technically not bugs, and literally abuse of the bug report system :skull:


I know it is abusing the bug report system, but who cares anyway. This is already not acceptable. If people want to wait for it then it would probably be forever.

BTW if you just write the bug report not as straight forward as saying you hate waiting for this bug, you will probably be fine.

It would probably be too minor to get you banned if you do it once, but it is still a risk for sure.

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Not really of the opinion that it would do much to use bug reporting for this, they’re not gonna respond just because we try to bring more awareness, the public discourse of the forum is indication enough for them to see that people are frustrated. As an aside, and this is just one example, roblox has been struggling with actually releasing “promised” features for a while now. We might as well stop assuming their assurances are reliable.


That aged well.

Regardless, this continued silence on the asset privacy system is frustrating. I know I’m just adding to the pile at this point, but publicly available audio assets are a massively important feature. I’m part of a community of people who create fictional cars, and this has effectively hamstrung one of the most important features in helping to make cars stand out from each other: sound. We can’t upload unique-sounding engines and share them in our publicly available models. The best we can do is try to trawl through inventories to find sounds that weren’t forcibly made “super private”, or to play with pitch and sound blending to make the few remaining non-terrible engine sounds stand out from each other.

Alas, all we can do is wait and see.


Well, you do you, but I’m not going to be a part of your “”““insurrection””“” here.

EDIT: Added sizably massive sarcasm quotes

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Hopefully that means this will be addressed later this year if not next year :slight_smile:


It’s great that I was wrong haha I was sincerely excited for shapecasts so I felt the need to mention it. Didn’t realize they had started testing the feature…
The new creator roadmap announcement is pretty promising (considering it mentions audio privacy at all as we’ve been in the dark otherwise), but still, sucks it doesn’t give us a clearer time window for when we can actually expect something


Any details or information on when this actually is coming out, if this is even still in development?

Currently, we need to add 23+ games in each audio asset, what’s crazy. Doing this manually is a lot of extra work that could or should have been prevented by now.

It should have been on release of this feature that audio uploaded by the same group automatically would have shared in all the games of that group without manual labor. That would already have solved these problems for many developers.

However personally, for our studio it wouldn’t have solved anything.
We actually operate with multiple different groups. One being the public group where the final releases come on and the other the development group and sometimes a third for shorter games.

Problem with manually labor

  • We could now add all those 23 universe IDs in each asset but if we ever would create a new testing, development place or even a new game to begin with we would need to go over all of those assets again.
  • A lot of time out errors when saving due the mass amount of ids.

Layout Idea & Example
Here’s a simple example of how the sharing with groups and users could look like based on the current layout.

It doesn’t need to be perfect at first, as long we have the options already to do something like it. Because currently it is just insane, and it increases the workload very heavily on sharing sounds for different games, groups and users.

We have already waited for a year for this feature to come out fully, and as far I’m aware of still haven’t heard any news about it. (might be wrong tho)




“Audio files cannot be made public at this time. Please check back at a later date.”

We’re still waiting…


I hate how roblox pretends nothing gonna happen? I have been trying to upload audio for months now it cant stop getting copyrighted but if I download a another file from another website it doesn’t,


It sounds like you’re uploading audio files with metadata containing copyright information. Are you sure that you’re uploading audio that you own or have the rights to use?