[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

I forgot to mention, there’s this documentation page hinting how the privacy system will work when it is rolled out for all asset types, and it is extremely inconsistent with how Roblox rolled out this “money-saving” disruption:

/\ I assume this means the only way to make your own public asset stop working everywhere would be to archive it, but if you restore it from being archived the permissions would be saved.

Wazzup, pretty bad update, am i right, roublox?


When will public audio return to the marketplace? The creator of Theme park tycoon 2 has blocked all Roblox music!


The developer had this rule in place long before the update, which is why he took the game pass off sale and handed out in-game compensation, but obviously has not made the audio id boxes invisible.

If I’m not mistaken, any radio game pass that is still on sale is likely able to play audio uploaded by Roblox.

If you already knew all this then I apologize

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Yes there was already the Roblox audio which was blocked in place when I bought the pass. The problem with all this is that I had spent more than 60 hours in my park and when Roblox implemented this horrible update, all the music was deleted.
I find it a shame that the creator blocked Roblox audio in his game (I think it’s because of the limit of 250 audio imposed by Roblox…) but then why don’t other games do the same? (So ​​that would mean that the other games are breaking Roblox’s rules? I don’t understand) I hope they will end up doing something (even if I no longer have much hope that things will change one day)
I would have liked to be of good faith and redo the audios of my park with the licensed library but… the creator decided otherwise. It’s really a shame :confused:

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Something else too :

[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio :

“By doing this, your users will have access to more than 100,000 rights-cleared songs”


Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action :

What do you think about this?


Day 587 of inability to upload public audio (since March 17). I’m hopeful they’ll do something about it this spring or so, but I am a bit shocked that after all this time, the original announcement with the highest amount of replies (of all time) in the announcement category (4362) despite being locked to replies, still has not been censored, unlisted or taken down, because it shows the company’s true colors these days.


STILL waiting for an update on this… going on over a year and a half later. There is just no excuse to leave us in the dark.

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A roblox staff member replied to me about this issue, he said they are still working on it. however for nearly 2 years is far too long for such an important and possibly simple to re-add feature


When will we finally be able to make our audios public again?


theres a 99% chance that roblox will say no

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Although this thread is still open (and I’m going to keep it that way until they close it manually or until public audio comes back for everyone) we finally got another update! Sharing assets privately is finally easier and things will hopefully get better over the next few months.


Too little. Too late.

Imagine if this update returns on December 31st, 2024 when they said it will be solved in this year. Such a ROBLOX moment.


Bobox being bobox. Nothing changes. Im surprised how this “company” is still afloat. Crazy fools.


We finally have an estimate for another change to uploads of short audio…

Will they keep that promise, and what will they really be doing?


the wording makes me worried that it could possibly not be full public audio returning


Right now I assume that they’re gonna roll out publishing for newer sounds under 6s or something and then promise once again such support for all other audio later.


Guys ngl, we are gonna get GTA 6 before we get this audio update.


No we’re gonna get this before GTA 10


"Cannot be made public at this t-- "
Just. Stop. We have been waiting for an entire year for this now. All fingers were pointed to YOU because you didn’t release an update.
You just clearly FORGOT about it. It has been over an year and people were waiting. I can’t even upload free-to-use audios anymore.

THIS POST IS 2 YEARS OLD :partying_face: