Update on Verified Badges

In addition to above: Now that Roblox launched Public UGC, you can apparently get verified if you upload the UGCs to the group personally and meet the necessary quota for UGC.

Also updated list of Verification Waves:
6th September 2023 [Wed]
5th October 2023 [Thu]
7th November 2023 [Tue]
6th December 2023 [Wed]
18th December 2023 [Mon]
6th February 2024 [Tue]
6th March 2024 [Wed]
3rd April 2024 [Wed]
7th May 2024 [Wed]
7th June 2024 [Fri]

Keep in mind that the verification waves are on random dates and times, there is no specific pattern that you could figure out to know when exactly the next wave is.

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Hello, on my way to getting verified badge but I’m wondering… someone told me that my display name could affect me not getting the badge because of brand or copyright issues, does anybody know if I would still be able to get it if my display name is “The Batman”?

No, that shouldn’t affect it as that is not even stated anywhere. Maybe it would affect it if it’s an official brand partner of Roblox already so there is no confusion but I doubt it would affect you.

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Roblox doesn’t reward real creators they only reward the people who make knockoffs now when it comes to UGC. The only UGC creators who can even hit those numbers are those who were originally in the program. No one in todays age that isn’t making knockoffs will never hit those numbers unless they make a popular bundle that sells a lot. Normal UGC it’s basically impossible to attain those numbers. Roblox definitely made the numbers based off of the OG UGC creators numbers/sales not current day sales of creators. Verification by UGC is wayyyyyy harder than experience creators.


I agree 100% and I wrote almost the same thing in another thread. UGC creators must have achieved a minimum Revenue of 2 million in the last 3 months and sold at least 200,000 items - such criteria will be easiest to meet by those who copy limited and expensive items desired by users, including items copying the property of popular brands (like Sanrio). Unfortunately, such items have a lot of likes and sales, and every day I see in the catalog new Valkyries, Super Super Happy faces in various variants and so on. Those who try to create something new and unique have no chance in this respect with the creators of such items, in my opinion such a badge should reward creative people. I suspect that the income from selling such items is greater than from selling limited items, so maybe Roblox is not entirely interested in stopping the copying process.

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It discourages me and many others so much as someone who creates unique different items, while I see people who put no effort in just making getting all the reward. Roblox is supposed to be about rewarding creativity, not encouraging bad actors. Now they won’t even get rid of direct dominus ripoffs. People like Maxell for example made exact replicas of Deadly Dark Dominus and other creators doing countless other copies that Roblox refuses to remove from the platform despite them looking exactly the same essentially being a duplicate item on the catalog. Yet Roblox will not even say anything about what is allowed because they seem to say they aren’t allowed yet they are not removing these items even after being reported Roblox says they are not against ToS which makes no sense. There is no clear communication on what is and isn’t allowed and it’s very frustrating as a good creator making different items but we get nothing out of it and face low sales while spams of Roblox items both replicas and slight altered ones get all the sales.

The only people really experiencing any “success” with normal items are OG creators who have lots of algorithm pull and tons of robux to advertise their items.


Limited ripoffs don’t make much money… go on the catalog and sort by bestselling in the past week, how many dominus ripoffs do you see?

The reality is that, everything is usually unique, apart from the occasional knockoff valk making it to bestselling.

As someone who knows lots of people who strictly make knockoffs, yes they do sell. If they didn’t sell people wouldn’t keep making them. Lots of creators make their money by stealing IPs they do not have the rights to or just making knockoffs of roblox items. Lots of creators who used to make original items switched to making knockoffs when Roblox stopped enforcing it.

“best selling” only shows Roblox items for the most part with sprinkled in old items from OG creators. And most of anything that is normal that gets lots of sales is from OG/Early program UGC creators who have 1. spent a ton of advertising for their items to make them trend, or 2. They were early in the algorithms and kept their relevance due to having a ton of money to spend on ads to keep their items seen by everyone. I know people like those dread locks for instance who have spent over 600k just in advertising sponsorships to make them get tons of sales. Not through organic means. All my items that used to sell tons stopped getting sales with dynamic pricing and is on the decline. Roblox is ruining the marketplace.

And as I said in my post, most of those are bundles which since not as many people know how to properly create those, they make money since there is space for new things in the market compared to all these years of normal accessories. Those are literally the only chances of success, items don’t pick up in the algorithm anymore for the average creator outside of old OG creators with lots of sponsor money/fanbases established or people who make unique bundles since those are kinda trending right now on Roblox. It’s a volatile marketplace and Roblox not giving creators the freedom to price things how we want is making it worse. I used to make 300-400k a month from just one group and it has dropped to 35k a month ONLY since the introduction of dynamic pricing that we have no control over making cheap items like shoulder items over 75+ robux which is ridiculous.


I currently have 6 items bestselling in the accessory category. I only advertised one of them and i spent 2k robux for ads. My bestselling item is #1 shoulder accessory (for 80% of the day) and I have spent 0 robux on advertising it. Additionally, I started making UGCs a week after it became public.

The bestselling category is absolutely not for those who spent robux on ads, infact I find it hard to profit from spending copious amounts of robux on ads and the roblox algorithm usually does me right.

Newest Verified Badge Wave happened today, 9th July 2024 GMT+2 [Tue] or 8th July 2024 GMT [Mon].

Congrats to everybody that got it this wave, if you did not get verified, I assume it was because you were not ranked early enough or Roblox found a new way to detect Bot Followers, I’m unsure.

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Hola una pregunta
¿Cada cuanto verifican a los que cumplen los requisitos?

una vez al mes, todos los meses

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Damn, missed verified wave by only 3k sales then. Unfortunate :sob:

Probably because you have botted followers, you wont get verified.
See your page 33 for example and the following ones, lots of suspicious bot-looking accounts that only follows you and never played a game.
Glad Roblox is catching up.

Already spoke to a Roblox employee, and he said the same thing. I have 6k realistic followers and he told me I had to get 4k more to receive the badge. Being a collaborator under team create is also a way to receive the badge.

Being a collaborator is only 1 of the requirements, you need both of them together.

…that is literally what I just said