Update on Verified Badges

Hello Creators,

We launched Verified Badges last year to our community and issued over 1,700 badges to date. The goal of Verified Badges is to show that an account is both notable and authentic. This helps users know that they are interacting with genuine accounts and adds an important layer of confidence, clarity, and trust.

Starting today, we are sharing and expanding the eligibility criteria for how the badge is issued. Some of the notable changes to the eligibility criteria include:

  • Brands must have 100K+ followers on a major social media platform
  • Experiences must have 1M+ hours of playtime in the last 90 days
  • Creators of avatar items must generate 2M+ Robux in revenue in the last 90 days with at least 200K items sold

For more details, please refer to our Help Center.

We hope that this information will help creators better understand where they stand in achieving the minimum eligibility thresholds as they grow their presence on Roblox.

We appreciate all of the feedback you have provided since launch! As always, we will continue to listen to you and make improvements over time.

Please share your thoughts and feedback below.

Thank you.


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That’s great to hear, but for example,
If the requirements are met for a experience with 1M+ hours of playtime,
does that make all developers who have access to the studio gain the verified badge or is it just the group/owner that owns the experience that gets verified?

Same question belongs to the situation with the UGC and social media.
(don’t reply if you’re not 100% sure)


I was not expecting the requirements for verification to made public. Now I have to amend my statement from the previous post.

I’ve been surprised how unpredictable hard to obtain the verified badge is. I have >60M players on one game, >50K members, and currently contribute to a game in a group with almost 120K members. I’m also part of the original plugin marketplace and signed several NDAs with Roblox for various programs + events. Still no verified badge. People with less members and visits have the verified badge from the looks of it. I get you guys don’t want to publish the requirements because it turns into a specific target. It leaves people confused and me thinking I should spend my time elsewhere because clearly Roblox doesn’t think my time is worth, especially when I have a verified badge specifically for plugins but also “untrustworthy” for models.

Without being a brand or selling lots of items, hours of playtime are all I can rely on. With 50-100 concurrent players, I am only at 2% of the requirement for verification. I have been to every RDC, signed countless NDAs, been part of several programs, hold up a major part of the VR space, and now know I will never be verified.


Will badges be automatically given out as soon as requirements are met, or will they be checked in waves?


Even if the requirements are high, I’m happy we are receiving transparency regarding the actual figures we need to be hitting.


In the Help Center for experience developers getting verified it says:

You are an owner of an experience with playtime exceeding 1M hours in the last 90 days.

But does this give the verified badge to just the group owning the experience or to the owner of the group aswell?


So a lot of us do commissions for UGC items. That won’t be counted for in the sales and revenue because we don’t own the item.


just the group i’m pretty sure. i have a few verified groups but i’m not verified on my account because i haven’t hosted many games on my own profile… quite unfortunate


I don’t even break past 100k monthly, yet i have to make 2 million IN 90 DAYS. What the actual hell?


Also, can you give us the ability to see our robux summary for 90 days?


Does this include groups I own?


Hey there,

Are you guys adding it so if your group is verified it would also automatically verify the groupholder? Since a ugc creator can either have his items uploaded on his account or in a group but the sales in the group wouldnt count as your account sales. :sweat_smile:


Does this include group payouts?


I assumed that too from the first wave of verified badges but they updated the help center and the Experience Developers side doesn’t mention groups while UGC creators mentions groups


So I think it may extend to group owners now? but I’m not sure


Can we have a option to enable/disable the viewing of the checkmark?


“Or, you are a contributor to such an experience and have at least 10K followers on Roblox.”

This is an interesting requirement for a few reasons. Firstly, the follow feature on Roblox is often not even known about because it is hidden in the three-dot menu that you have to open. Secondly, the number of Roblox players and developers that have an immense amount of botted followers which would seemingly make it unfair if they contributed to a qualifying experience and got the verified badge from botted followers.

I am glad to see the requirements be more transparent and specific. It gives developers something to work towards if they wish to achieve the badge and I think it’s a positive. However, the follower requirement intrigues me because credibility as a developer on Roblox can’t be influenced by followers with the huge numbers of fake followers many accounts have.


I would hope so. It also says contributor to such an experience;
I own a group + game that has 1.2M playtime hours in the last 90 days and I have 15k followers. Where’s my badge roblox? :smile:


I don’t really think that this will age well if it’s being verified by bots.


Does the new criteria apply to creators who meet the requirements before the new change of verification? There are many creators out there that have accumulated the amount of robux, sales and followers required to obtain the blue check but didn’t receive it during it’s early stage of distribution.