Update to AvatarEditorService:GetItemDetails for Community-Created Limiteds

Hi Creators,

We are making a change to the way non-Limited (3D items with unlimited quantity) items are represented in our backend on March 18.

This may impact experiences that have logic to specifically pull in community-created Limiteds (3D items with a fixed quantity).

Currently, AvatarEditorService:GetItemDetails can be used to return details about avatar items. The ItemRestrictions field can be used to determine if an item is Limited or not. If you are already doing this, there will be no impact to your experiences.

There is another field named CollectibleItemID. This field is only set if an item is a “collectible”. Today, only community-created Limiteds are “collectibles”. After our changes on March 18, non-Limiteds could also be “collectibles”. If you are using the CollectibleItemID field to determine if an asset is a community-created Limited, your logic will no longer be accurate.

Please use ItemRestrictions to check if an item is a community-created Limited item. This is the field that we officially support for determining if an item is Limited or not. Below is the expected response for the various avatar items on Roblox.

Moving forward, this means that non-Limited items and Limited items are here to stay and we will not be introducing items with flexible quantities which we shared at last year’s RDC.

Please let us know below if you have a special case that is heavily affected by this change and we will reach out to you directly.

Thank you.


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I really appreciate that this update will not be a thing, less scams and situations where people could get in troubles


Thank you for listening to us. It would have been cool to be able to restock free items, but this would be damaging for regular items


Glad you decided to change your minds on this, it would’ve been horrendous for anyone who bought a low copy item only for the stock to be increased.


exciting update all around, but i’m most excited to hear this is the case!! thank you for listening to us as a community


thanks for listening this would of ended really bad


Isn’t this chart wrong? The chart says “collectible” and “limited” for ItemRestrictions, but it looks like PascalCase is used for those strings from what I just tested.

In other words, I’m pretty sure the chart should have “Collectible”, “Limited”, ect. instead

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Sounds awesome, glad to see you are taking community feedback more often, keep the boat rowing Roblox, I’m glad to see you are taking feedback and allowing us to benefit from it. :slight_smile:


I had to drop everything and quickly log on here to read the good news, ROBLOX taking Ws as of recent, thank you for actually listening to us.

A lot of things are healthier looking than it was last year which is always a good thing for this platform.


please for the love of god remove the premium requirement for ugc uploading or to keep them onsale…


Sounds awesome! Thanks for listening to our concerns.

Roblox is doing really well on updates & decisions lately, wondering if there’s a shift in corporate strategy or leadership. Keep up the good work!


I hope the good news will get around that Roblox will not be moving forward with the future plan of requiring everything in the Avatar Shop to be a Limited since it’s clocking in under an API post. Huge thanks to the marketplace teams for respecting the community’s pushback against it and its damaging effects not just to revenues but to market culture on Roblox.

We did NOT need artificial scarcity or real life simulation here; the digital limitlessness of Roblox’s Avatar Shop is part of its shared beauty WITH making high-quality collectible items. I as well would love to eventually get some items shared on the Avatar Shop without driving my community via FOMO or forced scarcity to help my items sell. I always want as many people to get their hands on any of the content I put out as possible.

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It’s there to help regulate and mini-moderate UGC when Roblox staff isn’t available

You wouldn’t give someone $10 jus to break their rules

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Thanks for the flag. You’re right, these strings are using PascalCase. The table above has been updated.


Heck Yeah!

Honestly, i would LOVE to see the unfair % splits be adressed next. Creator getting 30% meanwhile the dev gets 40% is VERY unballanced and SHOULD be adjusted, especially because now we have to remain subscribed to roblox premium.


this also affects people who does follow the rules and can be frustrating aswell

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Thank you Roblox for listening to the community on this.

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two good updates in one day?? is it already christmas??


This is a win for UGC creators, and developers utilizing UGC rewards. Next step is to address the issue of Roblox taking 90+% out of creator’s hands: