Product Info API is not returning sales count for newer UGC Items

Recently, Roblox has started assigning CollectibleItemId tags to non-limited items. When you try to use the product info API to check the sales count of any one of these items, the sales count is now always returning as 0.

For example, this item has no collectibleItemId assigned to it.
If I go to It gives me a correct sale count of 58 for this item.
note: you will probably see 0 as you aren’t authenticated to view the group’s sales

However, this newer item (which does have a collectibleItemId associated with it) is always saying that it has 0 sales on the api:

This has broken our automated workflow of obtaining total sales counts for each our group’s UGC items, which is used to pay our item contributors accordingly


I’ve been finding this update/bug extremely frustrating as someone who frequently collaborates with users within the platform using my group store. Not being able to see the recently updated item sales or any items sales other than available on the analytics tab, has not only limited my ability to tracking my personal success furthermore limits my ability to properly run my establishment; delaying uploads and payouts.


Hi @ItsMuneeeb , the developer-products endpoint is meant for developer products like badges or game passes. For non-limited avatar items could you try and see if this works for you?


It is also returning 0 sales on the assets endpoint which you have linked.

And also in Roblox Studio, using MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo() on older assets returns the sales count correctly, but for newer assets it is returning 0 all the time

Items with CollectibleItemId: null have correct sale count

Items with a non-null collectibleItemId are showing 0 sales

I also have been finding this disruptive to my work. I collaborate with people within my groups and due to this change I haven’t been able to accurately assess the sales of items. Not only is this disruptive to actual collaborations, but even to just see analytics of items and further analyze and make decisions for items that are being received well by my community. The analytics tab is only so useful, limiting us from searching and dissecting specific items without having to scroll through THOUSANDS of uploads.


for collectible items, could you please try this?
you will need to attach ur own headers.
disclaimer: this API is not supposed to be used for external developers, we will try to add an alternative through the OpenCloud APIs.

curl '' \
  --data-raw '{"itemIds":["271393d0-ca3a-4a8d-8dcd-e914ae6246db"]}'

After some investigation, we discovered a bug in the system which produced wrong sales number in the API response after these non-limited items moving to the new system. The team is working on a fix. Will keep you posted once it’s fixed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Thanks for flagging! I’ve identified the root cause and are working on a fix right now


Thank you! Glad that this is being fixed soon.

On a separate note, is there any reason why the economy api documentation is hiding these endpoints?

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